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The person I know said they called and left a voice mail about "antifa"

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Someone siegeposting too much

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this might actually not be a bad thing then

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My brother is in jail for allegedly attempting to murder Antifa in gainsville

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Everyone just needs to be cool on all this

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Several people have been asked about antifa violence by the FBI, today, apparently

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Didn't realize that guy was your brother @Antagonizer

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This COULD be the System actually maybe being actually fair

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If you don't have blue eyes you're kicked out of the party ree

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Still no talk to feds?

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@MatthewHeimbach Do you really think its likely The System is going to go after their own people?

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I mean I don't think system cares about antifa, and they're a liability at this point. But who know's.

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Exactly what I'm hoping. I could think of a few Charlottesville city officials who could use a federal indictment

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If anyone has questions of a legal nature I encourage you to go through your chain of command to speak to the party's laweyr

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And remember that you can always request to have a lawyer present.

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Excuse me for not investing hope in the notion of the system being fair. One can hope against hope I suppose.

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but there's a chance the long dick of the law is going after someone else for a change. I just wouldn't bet my life on it

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Cory, you may have to change the drums or I may have to get more spastic and adept at delivering time-change riffs.

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I find it so weird that my house hasn't got a visit at all regarding Cville

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>inb4 i jinx it

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I mean the chances are good we all may soon apparently lol.

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I have the demon lawyers number for things like this

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>When you just wanted to hear some speeches and go home.

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Generally my response to LE is "I'm willing to make a statement but I want to speak to my lawyer first"

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Actually a good response.

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Yeah I like that response....forgive me that I have zero faith in LEO or the System.

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They might just be using the line "tell us about how bad Antifa was"

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just to get you comfortable and chatty

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then they pivot into the real line of questioning

2018-02-08 22:21:08 UTC  

You don't have to have faith, just protect your interests. Be agreeable and willing to talk, but only after consulting counsel. And no one has the right to enter your home without a warrant. I know it's common sense, but I also know how slimy they can be to make you second guess yourself.

2018-02-08 22:21:26 UTC  

I have a lot of property in Paoli and I've asked plenty of people to leave and come back with a warrant.

2018-02-08 22:21:30 UTC  

They've yet to do so.