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Gotta support our suppressor for good optics!

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oppressor* Fuck this shit

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Which one are you, Kombat?

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Several green scarves.

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About the weed lab woman

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In a post published by Eugene Antifa, the coalition claimed they’d gained access to chat logs from Discord, a gaming chat app that is often used by white supremacists, that were linked to Sherman and Combs (who was also a co-founder of OG Analytical).

As The Oregonian notes, the antifa groups also allege that Sherman “supplied food and support for neo-Nazi gatherings and operated a Twitter account under the handle, @14th_word,” a reference to a white supremacist slogan claiming “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

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The Battle Of Bowlopyle. 300 Heimbowls lead by @MatthewHeimbach stands at the gates of Bowlistan when confronted with a million man soy-boy army

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Based Weed dealer

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Based TradCabbage.

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She didn't sell it, just did research lol

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Hitler's birthday is literally 4/20.

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Good optics.

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Name a more iconic duo I'll wait

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Lol that book on the psychology of fascism by that Jew... "The swastika is two people fucking, nazis need to cum more and they will not be angry nazis."

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Ypipo need to fuck more true.

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For multiplying.

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Lmao better use them jerk off machines we used at them camps

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a friend is making me a natsynd, please help

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@Justin Burger (Major-GA) buying dinner for the next event ayyy

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what do you people think of the 26-point manifesto of the Falangists?

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@Bucovineanu Say fuck off KIKE

2017-12-07 23:59:36 UTC

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@Kombat-Unit#0484 :thonk:

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Why be natsynd when NatSoc is a thing?

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@ghostofthevolk better duo

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Nigga just read Mein Kampf nigga.

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((( @ everyone )))

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My nigger. Read Mein Kampf.

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@Justin Burger (Major-GA) is buying dinner is what i heard???

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Fuck youy guys

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NatSoc is god tier ideals.

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tbh natsoc has too much racial supremacist autism, I don't need to be the superior race to want my ethnicity to live, thrive and expand
they have /fa/ uniform tho

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Feed us nigger

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ayyyyy we eatin