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incineration is really the only way to get the smell out

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More based news

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@everyone thank you for your support. it means the world

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Sorry for your loss man i scrolled up :(

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fuck off not now

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sorry, instinct

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Can confirm am sad fevs

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to thank everyone for their kind words

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We got you

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We are all one family. We all need to remember that. Someone loses someone and we all lose someone. Let’s be the best family we can be and be supportive to one another. I’m not saying people aren’t, but it’s just good to remember that. Perspective.

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I love each and every one of you.

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you guys are family

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Absolutely brother

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If there’s anything at all we can do, don’t hesitate to ask

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i appreciate having you here to talk and lament with

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My prayers have been sent your way brother

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i appreciate that

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part of me wants to do things that make me happy

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part of me *wants* to be sad because i don't want to leave the memory of my baby in the past

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Embrace it and let the memory steel your resolve. You'll see him again some day Brother.

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i want to make him proud

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I hesitate to speak on matters beyond my depth, but while remembering and working through grief are important, your child wants you to succeed and thrive more than you do.

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i'll make him proud

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i will give him brothers and sisters to come meet him one day

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I know it's probably not entirely sane, but I casually converse with my passed relatives as if they're all still with me as I go about my day. It's not even a grief thing for me, so much as rejecting the notion that one's passage means they're completely gone from my life and my inner world.

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That's some the dad from Dexter level stuff.

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> pushes his glasses up on his nose

Be sure to give your girl at least two cycles before going at it again unless she's in her mid-thirties or older. It takes a while for a woman to rebuild her nutrient levels to ensure the best possible gestation.

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she's 24

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I dont see anything wrong with that tbh

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Keep close to your woman too. This is a difficult and irrational time. People can easily drift apart.

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Ah. 24. I refuse to impregnate any concubine over 17, for maximum vitality.

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Good call Birdman.

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Two months ago, my first child was born. I've been through both a miscarriage and an abortion, neither of which I've truly gotten over. Some things you don't "get over," you just learn to work with.

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Long story on the abortion. Wife left me then found out she was pregnant after she left me. I only found out months later.

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My wife has PCOS so I assume I will have to deal with that pain. Yeah agreed though I have less life experience I have been through some shit. That's fucked.