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I didnt know they were christian

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>The ancestors of modern-day Romani people were previously Hindu, but adopted Christianity or Islam depending on their respective regions they had migrated through

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They're a syncretic blend of whatever superstitions they come across, like a blob absorbing whatever litter it rolls across.

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that's more or less what indians do in general

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I wasn't aware they had much culture at all

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Beyond thieves cant

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I've once read an article about how christianity doesn't grow on India because they just mix it all up since their religion kinda allows for that

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Gypsies stole civilisation from the Africans and sold it to Europeans

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Oh yeah

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Hinduism is extremely loose

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A week or so ago gyppos pulled #BLMkidnapping and livestreamed themselves torturing another gyppo

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A little before the Swedish livestream rape

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How long until FB livestream gets zucc'd?

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There's blurry regional varieties that all interpret it differently in India - for example some people say all the Gods are aspects of one God making it technically some form of monotheism.

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The syncretism of Hindu is very overstated

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more like pantheism

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There was third vid where they doused her with gasoline and threatened to set her on fire but cant find it

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They don't like Abrahamic religions

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But you get the idea

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A lot of the scholarship on Hinduism is clouded by Western scholars trying to coherently piece together systems of thinking from people with an IQ of 70.

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Ask a brahmin sometime

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Brahmin iq is very high

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there are smart people in India

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brahmins are different since they're both smart & have a deep knowledge of their religion

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Oh, I know.

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but they usually leave India for that reason LOL

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And the Brahmins do have a rather coherent religious framework.

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That's Guenon's best book, in my opinion. It's more of a basic bitch primer on RadTrad thinking than it is what the title suggests.

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I haven't read any Guenon yet

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If you do read Guenon and Evola, don't become a gnostic orientalist who counter-signals bold action.

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I've read some Evola and agree with him

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Like that stupid infographic that suggests Radical Traditionalist pipe smoking is the final pill AFTER being on the radical right.

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I dislike monasticism though so I think I'm safe from that

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Life exists for struggle. And any man who believes he's found an excuse to sit and quit is a spiritually dead coward.

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