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2017-11-23 05:01:00 UTC  

Iron Gates?

2017-11-23 05:01:02 UTC  

You can ask Ryan for a sample pdf

2017-11-23 05:01:05 UTC  

Its a meme

2017-11-23 05:01:17 UTC  

Some edgy commie satanist cult wrote some snuff book

2017-11-23 05:01:24 UTC  

Oh wtf

2017-11-23 05:02:25 UTC  

MK and Siege are the most essential and important books for any NS.

2017-11-23 05:02:37 UTC  

Outside of Lighting and the Sun.

2017-11-23 05:02:56 UTC  

If I had to name three books that most affected my life they'd be those three.

2017-11-23 05:03:17 UTC  

I'd say that but switch L&S for Myth.

2017-11-23 05:03:23 UTC  

EH was meant to be common knowledge in our time.

2017-11-23 05:03:29 UTC  

L&S is a 4th

2017-11-23 05:03:35 UTC  

This time of awakening is destined.

2017-11-23 05:03:39 UTC  

MK gives the basics of National Socialism, SIEGE how to apply it in modern society, and SDs work just enlightened me about the whole spiritual aspect of National Socialism.

2017-11-23 05:03:43 UTC  

It is no accident all of us are here.

2017-11-23 05:03:54 UTC  

anyone got a siege PDF link

2017-11-23 05:04:05 UTC  

Yeah, Myth is fucking awesome but L&S changed my worldview more radically.

2017-11-23 05:04:11 UTC  

Yeah I’m reading SIEGE for the 3rd time and highlighting the shit out of it

2017-11-23 05:04:20 UTC  

Listening to the audio book now, jesus christ does this guy just talk for 10 thousands years before actually starting.

2017-11-23 05:04:21 UTC  

You find new wisdom every time you read it

2017-11-23 05:04:25 UTC  


2017-11-23 05:04:30 UTC  

The audio book sucks apparently

2017-11-23 05:04:31 UTC  

why? You'll just highlight the entire book @0823409823jsjsdf90723j2340sd

2017-11-23 05:04:35 UTC  

I don't know how many times I have read it, I have the physical copy so I read almost every day I am home.

2017-11-23 05:04:43 UTC  

Is it Linder or the robot?

2017-11-23 05:04:44 UTC  

True hahaha

2017-11-23 05:04:49 UTC  

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) yeah, that's the downside of literally everything Alex Linder does

2017-11-23 05:04:49 UTC  

People at work ask what I’m reading

2017-11-23 05:04:56 UTC  

I just say it’s a book on anarchy lol

2017-11-23 05:05:05 UTC  

I'm such a slow reader

2017-11-23 05:05:20 UTC  

I was reading it at work and told my its a book called "The Siege"

2017-11-23 05:05:35 UTC  

finished siege again today, the appendicies are pretty great too

2017-11-23 05:05:46 UTC  

@0823409823jsjsdf90723j2340sd yeah, 4/pol/ got subverted hard

2017-11-23 05:05:46 UTC

2017-11-23 05:05:51 UTC  

Yeah I love the sections on the NSLF

2017-11-23 05:06:00 UTC  

Especially the NSLF manual

2017-11-23 05:06:05 UTC  


2017-11-23 05:06:29 UTC  

I told Rape Aw should take more pictures with just normal clothes instead of flecktarn to give the impression of blending in

2017-11-23 05:06:44 UTC  
2017-11-23 05:06:52 UTC  

"Business casual SIEGE"

2017-11-23 05:06:58 UTC  

good optics