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2017-11-01 03:47:41 UTC  

I wish IE just got someone to do their propaganda, adding teal impact font to google pictures of statues, c'mon step it up. Inspire someone. Put some effort in it.

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2017-11-01 03:47:48 UTC  

If IE is gay Matthew is a fed.

2017-11-01 03:47:55 UTC  

double wut

2017-11-01 03:48:02 UTC  

I've had former IE guys tell me that the group is gay AF

2017-11-01 03:48:15 UTC  

Even this channel has a few ex IE.

2017-11-01 03:48:15 UTC  

IE is no fags allowed

2017-11-01 03:48:18 UTC  

former and current

2017-11-01 03:48:32 UTC  

It's weird how you keep stumbing upon ex IE members fired for bizarre reasons, that guy here was like 7th.

2017-11-01 03:48:44 UTC  

Like one got fired for racism and other for talking hunting in Discord and shit like that.

2017-11-01 03:48:47 UTC  

5 guys i was with at Shelby left IE and joined TWP.

2017-11-01 03:48:52 UTC  

Yeah, see?

2017-11-01 03:48:56 UTC  

I know of one down Florida way who was booted for being "Too WN1.0"

2017-11-01 03:49:07 UTC  

I don't even particulary search them out, I just keep happening upon them.

2017-11-01 03:49:20 UTC  

Maybe they left because they were autistic. IE doesn't let those in either

2017-11-01 03:49:51 UTC  

I also dont like how Richard Spencer is your groups poster boy.

2017-11-01 03:49:51 UTC  

Nah, but a bunch of them left in Damigo era, and he was a complete retard, I guess it's cool to admit now.

2017-11-01 03:50:02 UTC  

Richard literally likes token gays.

2017-11-01 03:50:18 UTC  

I thought he was a fag til I met him

2017-11-01 03:50:32 UTC  

Have you read the IE Discord rules? Cringe'd.

2017-11-01 03:50:36 UTC  

He isnt gay, but he is fine with gays.

2017-11-01 03:50:39 UTC  

He's just a fuckin yankee yuppie

2017-11-01 03:51:00 UTC  

Can't you like get fired from IE for having swastika avatar in Discord, just like StormFront?

2017-11-01 03:51:28 UTC  

I used to be in the NYF

2017-11-01 03:51:39 UTC  

And got bitched at by Damiago for making a hand swastiker

2017-11-01 03:51:52 UTC  

They want to pursue a a specific brand and are doing so with a fascist hand.

2017-11-01 03:51:59 UTC  

Was NYF the one before IE or the one before that?

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2017-11-01 03:52:08 UTC  

National Youth Front

2017-11-01 03:52:43 UTC  

Or rather, IE being NYF 3.0.

2017-11-01 03:52:52 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit do you have a cap of their rules?

2017-11-01 03:53:04 UTC  

It never ceases to amaze me how claimed fascists will refuse to follow and respect the rules.

2017-11-01 03:53:17 UTC  

How so?

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2017-11-01 03:53:24 UTC  

I guess its the individualist poison that we all somehow consider ourselves leaders

2017-11-01 03:54:16 UTC  

Who started the synthwave thing? I feel like I left off with varg and came back into the movement to find john travolta in polyester.

2017-11-01 03:54:48 UTC  

Everyone has an opinion about aesthetics, but to me, that's pretty homo.

2017-11-01 03:55:02 UTC  

Nah, it's 80's nostalgia

2017-11-01 03:55:02 UTC  

I like electronics and NSBM both.

2017-11-01 03:55:14 UTC  

@JRobertson when those rules say "no glorifying fascism", that's pretty fucking gay

2017-11-01 03:55:22 UTC  

Sorry yeah, 80s