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2018-01-05 23:03:04 UTC  
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Some of the rank-and-file are still super red-pilled...the leadership is completely cucked, though

2018-01-05 23:03:34 UTC  

The leadership is probably (((compromised)))

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2018-01-05 23:04:01 UTC  

They do it all the time

2018-01-05 23:04:22 UTC  

When I was in the SCV, all they wanted to do is talk to me about my tattoos...making sure I wasn't a "nazi"...UGH

2018-01-05 23:05:11 UTC  

Alt lite, AFD, UKIP, FN etc

2018-01-05 23:06:02 UTC  

Set up your own opponent that you can defeat, give them mass appeal to stop the real threat from gaining supporters

2018-01-05 23:06:13 UTC  

Controlled opposition

2018-01-05 23:06:52 UTC  

It would, honestly, be good to practice entryism on the SCV, but it would have to happen on a large scale, to make a difference, but it could be workable.

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2018-01-05 23:08:03 UTC  

Or just catch the leaders sucking baby dicks and destroy the controlled opposition

2018-01-05 23:08:24 UTC  

Leave no shelter with the moderates, make the fence sitters take a side

2018-01-05 23:08:49 UTC  

Ya, they haven't really had too many scandals.

2018-01-05 23:10:18 UTC  

All that means is there's a black mistress somewhere that's still happy with what she's being paid

2018-01-05 23:10:48 UTC  

And probably a hundred illegal maids and landscapers

2018-01-05 23:10:59 UTC  

I don't think a black mistress would matter to those cucks, nor illegals.

2018-01-05 23:12:00 UTC  

Black master then?

2018-01-05 23:12:18 UTC  

That would shake up some things

2018-01-05 23:16:39 UTC  

And if it doesn't, then maybe whites don't deserve to survive

2018-01-05 23:19:32 UTC  

In my experience, 99% of white should be gassed.

If we didn't need em for breeding, then we wouldn't need em at all

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@Hadrian I dont remember that quest

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We eatin again

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What mission was this one

2018-01-05 23:58:11 UTC  

Do you guys know Ben Shapiro ?

2018-01-06 00:00:13 UTC  

He came here a month ago

2018-01-06 00:00:15 UTC  

What kinda question is that

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To be honest. I love how he triggered libtards, feminists and transgenders

2018-01-06 00:01:55 UTC  

Why do so many people hate him?

2018-01-06 00:02:12 UTC  

I care less about triggering libs, than his affinity for Israel.

The Left can be converted, but we can't have our conservative base be led into further Zionism, which is Shapiro's main focus

2018-01-06 00:02:43 UTC  

I didn't know that

2018-01-06 00:03:01 UTC  

He's a (((chosen))) and he is a hardcore Zionist/warmonger.

2018-01-06 00:03:24 UTC  

He will be the first to beat the war-drum on Iran

2018-01-06 00:04:10 UTC  

I just heard about him yesterday and I agreed with many Things he said. I didn't know that he is a Zionist Jew

2018-01-06 00:05:05 UTC  

Where have you been bro

2018-01-06 00:18:10 UTC  

He's from Germany