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2017-06-11 23:49:11 UTC  

Don't get me wrong, they have no hate for NatSoc

2017-06-11 23:49:17 UTC  

Fascism is pretty much other word for "nazi but havent read mein kampf yet"

2017-06-11 23:49:28 UTC  

It's just the term they are using

2017-06-11 23:49:46 UTC  

Literally every self identified fascist I know had just hang ups about some minor bullshit but otherwise loved everything about nazism

2017-06-11 23:49:54 UTC  

eventually they all come around

2017-06-11 23:50:30 UTC  

Yeah, Mein Kampf sealed the deal for me. The key thing being that it didn't "change my life" or whatever, it just confirmed what I already knew with some additional background info

2017-06-11 23:50:46 UTC  

I just got the Ford translation

2017-06-11 23:50:53 UTC  

I'm liking it so far.

2017-06-11 23:51:04 UTC  

Yeah, Mein Kampf states truths we already have inside ourselves. Racial memory is a real thing.

2017-06-11 23:51:28 UTC  

Good man. Read Siege after that, the best book to come out of America during the last 100 years.

2017-06-11 23:51:52 UTC  

I had the other translation Houghton Mifflin when I was younger

2017-06-11 23:52:07 UTC  

Yeah honestly I have no idea about English translations.

2017-06-11 23:52:10 UTC  

The Ford Translation is the best one I've read.

2017-06-11 23:52:17 UTC  

And I've read a few.

2017-06-11 23:52:31 UTC  

It has a really cucked anti-Nazi forward and translator

2017-06-11 23:52:54 UTC  

@dd✳555 I've only read the one other, but I'm loving this one so far.

2017-06-11 23:53:08 UTC  

I have several as well. Including the original Stalag edition that was published by the NSDAP for POW's

2017-06-11 23:53:18 UTC  

And once you're established as a National Socialist you can take the next step, Esoteric Hitlerism.

2017-06-11 23:53:23 UTC  

I was just about to say

2017-06-11 23:53:40 UTC  

Next year reading list: Entire production of Devi and Serrano and DharmaNation

2017-06-11 23:53:41 UTC  

oh here we go again 😉

2017-06-11 23:53:56 UTC  

I got The Lightning and the Sun in the same batch of books 😉

2017-06-11 23:54:02 UTC  


2017-06-11 23:54:06 UTC  

I won't do the hard sell on EH today...

2017-06-11 23:54:18 UTC  

You need to Devipill your AV leader

2017-06-11 23:54:25 UTC  

or VA

2017-06-11 23:54:27 UTC  

which is it?

2017-06-11 23:54:30 UTC  


2017-06-11 23:54:45 UTC  

it used to be AV, but some business had the name

2017-06-11 23:54:54 UTC  

Yeah we warned your leader about it

2017-06-11 23:54:57 UTC  

so now you just pretend to be vets eh?

2017-06-11 23:54:57 UTC  

one of them

2017-06-11 23:55:06 UTC  

NS Bibliophile: Note on the Murphy Translation of MEIN KAMPF

2017-06-11 23:55:08 UTC  

"Yeah I'm with the VA"

2017-06-11 23:55:12 UTC  


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2017-06-11 23:55:37 UTC  

It triggers the oathfucks

2017-06-11 23:55:42 UTC  

and I'm fine with that

2017-06-11 23:56:05 UTC  

They look like some 100kg overweight stolen valor mall cops tbh

2017-06-11 23:56:08 UTC  

or shitskins