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2017-02-03 18:39:13 UTC  

High liberal numbers in concentrated areas

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2017-02-03 18:39:47 UTC  

I doubt they're fairly spread out in America, it's really just the outskirts of major cities is where they seem to be active

2017-02-03 18:39:51 UTC  

Anticon lead the way

2017-02-03 18:39:56 UTC  

I was getting some take out yesterday and CNN was on covering the UC Berkeley riot

2017-02-03 18:40:12 UTC  

Saying Milo's teaching white supremacy and hate speech

2017-02-03 18:40:31 UTC  

As much of a fag he is, normies love his take on conservatism

2017-02-03 18:40:58 UTC  

It's really upsetting that people take safe spaces so seriously they're willing to burn a fag alive

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2017-02-03 18:41:19 UTC  

When did safe spaces turn into no free speech fascism zones

2017-02-03 18:41:55 UTC  

Pls create a channel for Europe

2017-02-03 18:41:57 UTC  

Quite Recently

2017-02-03 18:42:14 UTC  

the idea of a safe space makes me lol

2017-02-03 18:42:29 UTC  

protect me from all those dangerous, violent ideas

2017-02-03 18:42:29 UTC  

It's fucking autistic

2017-02-03 18:42:37 UTC  

"Safe Spaces" are fascist by inception

2017-02-03 18:42:44 UTC  

being literally raped by ideas

2017-02-03 18:42:46 UTC  

i cant even

2017-02-03 18:42:48 UTC  

@Miomio seconding

2017-02-03 18:42:48 UTC  

anticom needs to be worldwide

2017-02-03 18:43:01 UTC  

But AntiFa won't see that, they believe that they are genuinely fighting fascists

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2017-02-03 18:43:53 UTC  

I think some of you have seen the quotes from the AntiFa tranny I was talking to

2017-02-03 18:44:03 UTC  

AntiFa does everything people hate fascism for doing. Everything they do has multiple levels of irony to it.

2017-02-03 18:44:22 UTC  

I think what we also can create a channel for offtop

2017-02-03 18:44:39 UTC  

This channel is offtop

2017-02-03 18:44:45 UTC  

Lol ok

2017-02-03 18:44:47 UTC  

ScYx17 - Today at 1:03 AM
you're white
Rasenemus - Today at 1:06 AM
I'm Biafran, black
Why would you say I'm white?
ScYx17 - Today at 1:07 AM
no ur not
and on top of that
i dont have to be tolerant
towards people
with intolerant views
that's the entire point

2017-02-03 18:44:51 UTC  

Organising is done in region chat

2017-02-03 18:45:31 UTC  

Rasenemus - Today at 1:08 AM
Aren't you being intolerant by being intolerant to things you find intolerant?
ScYx17 - Today at 1:08 AM
no you can't be intolerant of intolerant people
just like u can't assault someone who is already assaulting you
it's defense
killing a nazi is prevention"

2017-02-03 18:45:39 UTC  

Those are the types of people you're dealing with

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2017-02-03 18:45:53 UTC  

Mental gymnastics

2017-02-03 18:45:58 UTC  

As fuck

2017-02-03 18:45:58 UTC  

I could strangle the life out of that twig

2017-02-03 18:46:01 UTC  

Leftists are literally evil

2017-02-03 18:46:16 UTC  

Don't feel a pity to them

2017-02-03 18:46:36 UTC  

they have brain damage

2017-02-03 18:46:39 UTC  

Show no mercy, you won't be given any