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2017-08-19 06:04:31 UTC  

taking police protection for granted

2017-08-19 06:04:42 UTC  

though that falls on many shoulders, not just Kessler

2017-08-19 06:04:56 UTC  

If it's his first event I don't really blame him for that

2017-08-19 06:05:04 UTC  

this was his second

2017-08-19 06:05:06 UTC  

Prior I'd never even heard of him

2017-08-19 06:05:07 UTC  


2017-08-19 06:05:08 UTC  

the first was DC

2017-08-19 06:05:24 UTC  

which was much smaller and the police actually did do their job

2017-08-19 06:05:58 UTC  

No Colten put on the D.C. Rally

2017-08-19 06:06:11 UTC  

oh that's right

2017-08-19 06:06:12 UTC  

Kessler put on the first CVille rally in march

2017-08-19 06:06:15 UTC  


2017-08-19 06:06:37 UTC  

the DC one was fun. That's where I met a bunch of TWP guys

2017-08-19 06:07:08 UTC  

Spencer, Enoch et al also trusted the cops too much, so I can't fault Kessler for that

2017-08-19 06:07:10 UTC  

Yeah I did security for D.C.

2017-08-19 06:07:22 UTC  

AntiFA there were gay LoL

2017-08-19 06:07:27 UTC  


2017-08-19 06:07:52 UTC  

The source I'm seeing for those claims that were made about Kessler that @Confessor mentioned, so far at least, is a couple of Eli Mosley tweets. For context, including the Spencer reaction to Kessler's tweet:

2017-08-19 06:08:38 UTC  

I would still very much like to see those claims Mosley made either verified or debunked. Fairly serious stuff to go throwing around

2017-08-19 06:09:19 UTC  

I've never known Eli to lie about something like that, but I'd need evidence

2017-08-19 06:09:50 UTC  

overall just be cautious all around. A healthy skepticism is a good thing

2017-08-19 06:09:56 UTC  

@Chad Radkersburg-ND you know I'm down crimson chin

2017-08-19 06:09:59 UTC  

At any rate. I shouldn't be awake right now. Good night, TradWorker Party.

2017-08-19 06:10:32 UTC  

The disavowal is fucking gay

2017-08-19 06:10:54 UTC  

He shouldn't have said that publicly, but we all know a lot of us are saying that privately

2017-08-19 06:11:10 UTC  


2017-08-19 06:11:20 UTC  

he's playing the optics game

2017-08-19 06:11:27 UTC  

Hell, I got a normie trump supporting family member to admit she had it coming

2017-08-19 06:11:34 UTC  

I doubt it's an uncommon view

2017-08-19 06:47:17 UTC  

recent show enoch and monoxide ran a train over that mountain

2017-08-19 07:04:27 UTC  

Thhoo kool

2017-08-19 07:04:47 UTC  

So apparently Kessler actually was hacked

2017-08-19 07:05:31 UTC

2017-08-19 07:05:42 UTC  

By one of our own, no less

2017-08-19 07:06:13 UTC  

This is fucking bullshit and a strategic blunder

2017-08-19 07:41:47 UTC  

lol, I thought Kessler didn't cuck out for once in his life, should've known lol

2017-08-19 07:42:25 UTC  

cucking the kesseler cuck in 6 parsecucks

2017-08-19 07:44:19 UTC  

Well, got a demo in a few hours due to the whole stabbing thing, wish me luck