Message from John Mosby in tradworker #tradworker

2017-10-31 04:38:13 UTC  

hold on

2017-10-31 04:39:16 UTC  

Dont really

2017-10-31 04:39:26 UTC  

Rhino1488 was the lady with the stroller dog

2017-10-31 04:39:38 UTC  

Yeah pretty much

2017-10-31 04:40:04 UTC

2017-10-31 04:40:29 UTC  
2017-10-31 04:41:04 UTC  

Damn, i found a Ted Cruz pic, but it cucked me and wont let me send.

2017-10-31 04:41:26 UTC  

Just send a photo of a stuffed bear in a car

2017-10-31 04:41:39 UTC  

Teddy on a cruise ayyyy

2017-10-31 04:41:44 UTC

2017-10-31 04:41:53 UTC  

New patch possibility.

2017-10-31 04:41:56 UTC  


2017-10-31 04:42:18 UTC

2017-10-31 04:42:34 UTC  

The average black urbanite.

2017-10-31 04:42:42 UTC  


2017-10-31 04:42:52 UTC  

with the sunglasses

2017-10-31 04:43:03 UTC  


2017-10-31 04:44:02 UTC  

This is me

2017-10-31 04:44:17 UTC  


2017-10-31 04:44:32 UTC  

Yo Im just tryna sell magazines out here and shit

2017-10-31 04:44:48 UTC  


Your girlfriend gained some weight, didn't she?

2017-10-31 04:46:49 UTC  

Yes, yes she did

2017-10-31 04:49:28 UTC  

How the fuck do they expect us to let that shit go when they STILL TALK ABOUT DYLAN FUCKING ROOF!

2017-10-31 04:49:45 UTC  

Because we're just supposed to roll over and die

2017-10-31 04:51:05 UTC  

Fuck november please come soon

2017-10-31 04:51:39 UTC  

@RaHoWa Ryan "No, it's gonna look good! The media isn't going to find a way to spin it that makes us look bad!"

2017-10-31 04:52:51 UTC  

Id be happy if antifa kicks off the race war with their bullshit in november.

2017-10-31 04:53:34 UTC  

It will make my heart glow with happiness, and the best part about saying that is that its not illegal to say, it just makes me a shitty person in the eyes of normies. ❤

2017-10-31 05:02:40 UTC  

Also im still trying to figure out who you are @cr4ck3r

2017-10-31 05:03:20 UTC  

I told you who I am

2017-10-31 05:03:24 UTC  

Major over Indiana

2017-10-31 05:03:36 UTC  

I've been in this group awhile, just don't post much

2017-10-31 05:03:42 UTC  

I posted a pic of me from Shelbyville

2017-10-31 05:04:01 UTC  

I came in with the LOS

2017-10-31 05:04:05 UTC  

stayed in LOS cabins

2017-10-31 05:04:45 UTC  

Ive been in this group for like a day, i talk to people in person usually, but if i met you im going to add you, if i havent met you im going to keep this friendship in the group chat because i have trust issues and such.

2017-10-31 05:05:04 UTC  

George White/ Jacob

2017-10-31 05:05:09 UTC  

send me a pic of you

2017-10-31 05:05:17 UTC  

and I'll be able to clear this up

2017-10-31 05:05:52 UTC