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AOC noooo

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Deepfake generation models need a bit more adaptive noise.
They would look pretty legitimate with it.

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Jesus christ those are getting more scary by the day.

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Deepfakes are alright I guess

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better to be someone u are familiar with in terms of mental health

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i propose

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gandhi dicks down kardashian when?

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No I don't like where this tech is going, it could be abused so badly...

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be nihilistic

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let the stress go off ur shoulders

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@Shekelstein The tech is here, either the consequences of the tech becomes widely known, or it remains a weapon solely for intelligence agencies and other covert actors

2019-10-25 09:41:21 UTC  

I don't think the general public will ever understand how it works, and when has the word being out on something ever prevented bad actors to continue to sell a narrative.

2019-10-25 09:42:16 UTC  

I guess making those video's atleast makes a mockery out of it.

2019-10-25 09:43:44 UTC  

The public doesn't have to understand how it works, all they need to know is that video evidence is now completely fakeable by sophisticated actors

2019-10-25 09:44:04 UTC  

And all it takes for that to happen is a few well-publicized deep fakes affecting the modern nobility

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Yes but that also now means genuine video evidence will become inadmissible.

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What do you want to do about that, video evidence is now per definition no longer reliable

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Meaning they will be able to use that to implement more nefarious and invasive measures to insure validity.

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That's the world we live in

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They can do that already

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"The police state is all the fault of deep fakes", is this really your big-brain take?

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The police state is caused by state overreach, not deep fakes

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Deep fakes does not create state overreach

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Anyway this is not really a <#634387290382139392> topic

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We can follow up in <#634548436280016906> if you want

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So trad <:autistic:435640902224969729>

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No lusting