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2017-11-22 02:57:19 UTC  

I once had an alt-kiker try to explain to me that I wasn't ACTUALLY a National Socialist, since I still want muh freedumz or something

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2017-11-22 02:57:52 UTC  

He then went down the NSDAP's 25 points to see which ones I actually agreed with

2017-11-22 02:58:21 UTC  

(he tried to claim the geopolitically-specific ones which were specific to Germany's diplomatic situation in the 30s as a win btw)

2017-11-22 03:00:14 UTC  

>But anon, you think that gun companies should be allowed to make money, right?
>No, that's war profiteering, it's against the principles of National Socialism.
>But what about...

2017-11-22 03:00:17 UTC  

You get the idea

2017-11-22 03:00:34 UTC  

Did you refer him to an autism specialist?

2017-11-22 03:01:48 UTC  

This is that guy of which I posted a screencap later?

2017-11-22 03:01:53 UTC  

I was part of an alt-kike group once

2017-11-22 03:01:58 UTC  

a founding member, in fact

2017-11-22 03:02:15 UTC  

and this fag came along and subverted it into a political volunteer group

2017-11-22 03:02:43 UTC  

of the sort who want to secretly take over politics by... campaigning for mainstream candidates

2017-11-22 03:03:16 UTC  

I'd been butting heads with the leaders of this group, my former friends, for a while

2017-11-22 03:03:25 UTC  

They got cuckier while I got more revolutionary

2017-11-22 03:03:49 UTC  

and then, after CVille, they instituted a bylaw prohibiting "glorifying" National Socialism

2017-11-22 03:04:14 UTC  

so I responded by posting as many images glorifying National Socialism in our group chat as I possibly could

2017-11-22 03:04:20 UTC  

I am no longer a member of that group

2017-11-22 03:04:26 UTC  

i assume uhhhh national socialism has its own form of class collaboration, correct?

2017-11-22 03:04:33 UTC  
2017-11-22 03:04:36 UTC  

just like fascism

2017-11-22 03:04:43 UTC  

except it has differences

2017-11-22 03:04:50 UTC  

have you read Goebbels' 'Der Nazi-Sozi'?

2017-11-22 03:04:56 UTC  

not yet

2017-11-22 03:05:03 UTC  

i wanna look to it thi

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2017-11-22 03:05:16 UTC  

I personally think it's one of his best essays

2017-11-22 03:05:26 UTC  

@The Inquisitor [☧] Yeah true but only because they dont want to make it obvious they are liberal.

2017-11-22 03:05:39 UTC  

It contains my favorite political insult, "Your very *person* is an incitement to class struggle."

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2017-11-22 03:06:02 UTC  

i assume national socialism also can be a worldview

2017-11-22 03:06:07 UTC  

since i found thos

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2017-11-22 03:06:16 UTC  

Well duhhh

2017-11-22 03:06:18 UTC  

@mulartto it's a worldview before it's anything else

2017-11-22 03:06:19 UTC

2017-11-22 03:06:28 UTC  

some filipino natsocs

2017-11-22 03:06:34 UTC  

Of course

2017-11-22 03:06:42 UTC  

apparently it says “blood and honor”

2017-11-22 03:06:42 UTC  

National Socialism is a Universal truth

2017-11-22 03:06:53 UTC  

I see