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2018-02-21 17:25:08 UTC  

holy shiz I nearly spit out my protein shake

2018-02-21 17:25:09 UTC  


2018-02-21 17:25:32 UTC  

Poop change slaves? I thought we just call those mothers.

2018-02-21 17:25:56 UTC  

I need to outsource to cut costs

2018-02-21 17:26:01 UTC  

Trump endorses that right

2018-02-21 17:26:23 UTC  

We need to keep those jobs here at home, so we will gut the tax protections

2018-02-21 17:28:04 UTC

2018-02-21 17:28:08 UTC  

Alright I gotta stop fucking around and memeing, Heimbach and I are in turbo event planning mode today. STAY RACIST FRIENDS.

2018-02-21 17:28:22 UTC  

Hail Jessica!

2018-02-21 17:32:41 UTC

2018-02-21 17:32:41 UTC  

never thought of it this way

2018-02-21 17:35:36 UTC  

Hail Simba!

2018-02-21 17:35:46 UTC  

Pride Rock. Heh.

2018-02-21 17:38:37 UTC  

a few more

2018-02-21 17:38:41 UTC

2018-02-21 17:38:44 UTC

2018-02-21 17:38:47 UTC

2018-02-21 17:44:14 UTC  

Whomst is ready to paint the town red in march

2018-02-21 17:44:29 UTC  

I mean me.

2018-02-21 17:45:37 UTC  

This makes Heimbach more "legitimate" and makes Spencer more high t and seemingly more open NS. It is amazing on synthesis. We need this for the movement. TWP and Spencer alliance. Making both better in what they "lack."

2018-02-21 17:46:02 UTC  

I man should get one vote per wife. That is how women get to vote under white shaira

2018-02-21 17:46:26 UTC  

Spencer doesn't want it

2018-02-21 17:46:50 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ so I missed out on the update tho...Spencer and Heimbach are doing a speaking engagement in March? Is this part of Heimbachs college tour?

2018-02-21 17:47:04 UTC  

Is TWP the only group who isnt cucked on public event?

2018-02-21 17:47:35 UTC  

what is going down in match, fams?

2018-02-21 17:47:40 UTC  

Our other NF brothers are good too

2018-02-21 17:48:40 UTC  

Well I was planning on cucking the Austin mayday evnt if you want to, bowlthers

2018-02-21 17:52:45 UTC  

Austin is faggoty

2018-02-21 17:54:03 UTC  


2018-02-21 17:58:54 UTC  

Lol nuke those fuckin weirdos

2018-02-21 17:59:02 UTC  

They’re all libtards and hippies and shit

2018-02-21 17:59:07 UTC  

Useless to our society

2018-02-21 17:59:20 UTC

2018-02-21 18:00:24 UTC  

beware the hook

2018-02-21 18:01:41 UTC  

That's one HECKUVA Honker

2018-02-21 18:07:52 UTC  

Hey does anyone know of any movements in Russia? I got someone curious

2018-02-21 18:08:49 UTC  

Esoteric Putinism

2018-02-21 18:09:25 UTC  

There is lots in Russia

2018-02-21 18:09:55 UTC  

There's the Russian Imperialist movement

2018-02-21 18:10:00 UTC  

I dont know a whole lot about it