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Not only that but once you start going back the lines between celts/grrmanics/Norse begin to blur...

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Well I know, but, we don't have to just give it up. We could take it back

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We are, EH.

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On a side note I've spent the afternoon lightly trolling "progressives" & there is no quicker way to lose faith in humanity then to listen to that shit... good god.

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I would still recommend Traditional Catholicism depending on what your exact concerns are with Christianity. Of course this requires access to the Traditional Mass so it may be difficult depending on where you are.

EH is intriguing though, so carry on. 👌

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I agree that Catholicism is a form of paganism, rebranded and repackaged. Varg has some videos about it where I actually agree with him.

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Huh, I haven't heard of that perspective. But the Catholic church seems pretty fucked, at least the Pope is

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That's a curious way of putting it, but I think I agree with that statement. I certainly came to it with a volkisch mindset.

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I am intimately acquainted with traditional Catholicism. I studied Latin chants and old (square note) musical notation for years, and still love it.

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But, I still believe in EH. Catholicism was a pit stop, but I'm glad for the time I was there.

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What's your go-to source on EH?

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Are you Catholic?

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If so, start with the Nag Hammadi Codex and the gospel of Judas. Move onto Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, Nimrod DiRosario, then onto Hinduism.

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@My Name Is Hate @Kombat-Unit your input is needed.

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Everything I recommend is basically free online, in PDF, if you google it.

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Alright, I'll check it out. Maybe it is what I need, who knows?

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If nothing else, it's good stuff to know.

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Interesting... wasn't familiar with the term "Nag Hammadi" but I've read some of this when I studied Greek.

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My professor was very into deuterocanonical sources and apocrypha.

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The Nag Hammadi codices are books of the Bible, coincidentally discovered the year out Fuhrer left us. They were removed by bishop iranaeus In the early years of the church--when the church became a political, rather than spiritual, entity. They show the cosmic battle between man and Jew, and do not paint Jesus in a negative light.

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If you understand Gnosticism, EH is easier to digest. My opinion, of course.

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I'll have to give these a second look. My professor's extreme philosemitism (he even married one) certainly would have had an impact on what sources we read in class.

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Worth reading, if you believe in Christianity. They are Christian texts that turned my world on its end, honestly. Then....EH obviously.

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Sorry was feeding the dog. I think you a gave a good path for him @dd✳555 each person approaches EH from a different knowledge base or starting point, Catholicism/ Christianity is 1 of my weak points... but I can say that EH really strikes at a much deeper truth beyond Doctrine, this is why Christians, Buddhists, Agnostics, etc. Have all found their way to EH. For absolute entry level I might recommend James Battersby's 'The holy book of Adolf Hitler' obviously Savitri Devi 'lightning & the Sun' as dd mentioned. But also IM Esoteric Hitler feed, & even just you tube videos look for Jason Thompkins interviews, & Miguel Serrano videos, which will just be people speaking about his work. We each find our own way to it. Happy to link a few videos, & if you scroll back @Kombat-Unit has spammed the shit out of the feed with great stuff

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Just laying some groundwork here. No one *likes* Varg, but sometimes he speaks a sort of truth:

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Interesting. The "removal of Jewish content," as Varg puts it, was a high priority for the early Church, both East and West (along with the physical removal of Jews, which we all know about). Their level of success could be debated, but modern "Judaeo-Christians" ignore the Church Fathers for a reason.

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Based St. Chrysostom :^)

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@Kombat-Unit I don't know if you've read that... worth a read though. Never mind the disclaimer at the beginning.

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I have. Pentti Linkola is absolutely great for anyone interested in Ecofascism as well. Greenline Front loves that dude to pieces as well. "Can Life Prevail" is perhaps 1# Ecofascist book. One of the first ones I ever read. Even long before I became a nazi I thought the dude was funny as fuck, in an interview to the biggest newschannel he was asked about refugees.
" Do you think we should let them starve?"
- "Yes, it is the only moral and sustainable solution."
"Alright, next question.."

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And about Gnosticism. I've researched it a bit, but I became EH totally independently of it, went straight from atheism to EH. I've come across a bunch of...interesting Gnostics, from those considering Demiurge an unironic physical anti-God instead of an inner metaphor, to some weird ass marginal christian cults using some Gnostic texts. @dd✳555 probably know better.

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I think it's accurate to say Catholicism WAS paganism, until reformation and even catholics started to insist everyone toes the party line. I know even the Christian Karelians worshiped their former Gods as saints in sacred grooves and to this day do some christianized version of their blood sacrifices in some minor way. But as priests started to enforce orthodoxy, they were no longer allowed in the church and tried to get people off anything resembling paganism. Even in the late 1800s Lutheran priests complained people see no conflict in attending both pagan orgies and church.

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I think Gnosticism is a good starting point for a Christian who believes in God, but otherwise I think most EH people start with Hitler. 🙋🏼

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I am Catholic and I certainly would admire another Pope Pius XII. He truly was right in his support of Hitler, Mussolini and Pavelic.

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