Message from Bob Oliver in tradworker #tradworker

2017-04-22 08:11:09 UTC  

Cannot accurately remember.

2017-04-22 08:13:14 UTC  

We all do

2017-04-22 08:13:40 UTC  

Alot of popular SN podcasters are masons

2017-04-22 09:06:13 UTC  

I don't think a lot of them really realize the extent the jews hands are in freemasonry

2017-04-22 11:32:46 UTC  

Masons = Judaism for the goyim

2017-04-22 11:32:57 UTC  

Pretty much.

2017-04-22 11:33:07 UTC  

"(((OY GEVALT!)))"

2017-04-22 12:54:31 UTC  

So I'm about to head down to auburn to file a proper police report

2017-04-22 13:06:14 UTC  

Some driving music

2017-04-22 13:06:54 UTC  

Good deal, @backstreetgoy-TN. You never know. They might have some video evidence from security cameras that we don't have access to or whatever. Definitely worth it.

2017-04-22 13:09:05 UTC  

For sure

2017-04-22 13:09:52 UTC

2017-04-22 13:10:03 UTC  

Shaved my beard off and not it really shows

2017-04-22 13:10:49 UTC  

Yeah hopefully they find that fucker

2017-04-22 13:11:26 UTC  

Kek willint

2017-04-22 13:11:29 UTC  


2017-04-22 13:25:39 UTC  

Can't believe Trump is gonna let the dreamers stay too

2017-04-22 13:26:04 UTC  

This blows

2017-04-22 13:26:24 UTC  

I bet Ivanka is totally thrilled by the decision.

2017-04-22 13:26:51 UTC  

Why couldn't I have been wrong about trump

2017-04-22 13:26:55 UTC  


2017-04-22 13:27:04 UTC  

She is muh little kids

2017-04-22 13:27:05 UTC  

I'm wrong about everything else

2017-04-22 13:27:09 UTC  


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2017-04-22 14:06:27 UTC  

do we have confirmation that it was [REDACTED] who hit our man?

2017-04-22 14:30:13 UTC  

and if so, do we want his face and name out there to troll, dox?

2017-04-22 14:36:03 UTC  

It is what it is my people.

2017-04-22 14:36:53 UTC  

Is anyone not working for the swine?

2017-04-22 16:44:49 UTC  

Seems like not

2017-04-22 17:15:38 UTC  

My first time to jew York today

2017-04-22 17:29:00 UTC  

Anyone who has any info that they found legally on Antifa members, please pm it to me. Most Antifa put their info out there, so I've been keeping track of them and am currently organizing a book with some info in it so that we can identify quite a few of them if something unsavory were to happen at the hands of one of them at the Pikeville event. Out of state Antifa may come as well, so they do not have to be from around the Pikeville area.

2017-04-22 17:34:21 UTC  

Hey everyone been a member for some time but never attended any rallies yet. Tfw

2017-04-22 17:34:40 UTC  

As a father of four it's difficult traveling

2017-04-22 17:35:11 UTC  

I hear ya.

2017-04-22 17:42:42 UTC  

who's going to pikeville

2017-04-22 17:52:21 UTC  

Is it too late for my friend to sign up for Pikeville?

2017-04-22 17:54:39 UTC  

Noticed the payment option is down.

2017-04-22 17:55:55 UTC  

i can get granfathered into the lodge. i thought about doing it before my redpill. now i'm glad i didnt