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2017-11-15 03:24:39 UTC  

I cant cite the exact episode but its been awhile

2017-11-15 03:24:41 UTC  

We wouldn’t have folks like Cantwell without Pinochet and Hoppe

2017-11-15 03:24:47 UTC  


2017-11-15 03:24:59 UTC  

then that image of Cantwell naked would not exist in my brain

2017-11-15 03:25:04 UTC  

Well if you’re gonna countersignal cantwell I’m going to have to disagree with ya dude

2017-11-15 03:25:06 UTC  


2017-11-15 03:25:08 UTC  

Inquisitor just respect that not everyone came to this the same way you did

2017-11-15 03:25:19 UTC  

Cantwell is the only reason I’m here

2017-11-15 03:25:19 UTC  

I was born with a sieg heiling arm

2017-11-15 03:25:22 UTC  

I came to this after about two years of being misled by the alt-right

2017-11-15 03:25:30 UTC  


2017-11-15 03:25:32 UTC  

On what?

2017-11-15 03:25:39 UTC  

But the first redpill I took was from a blog run by an edgy IM fascist

2017-11-15 03:25:40 UTC  

But if not for the alt right you would never be here

2017-11-15 03:25:45 UTC  


2017-11-15 03:25:48 UTC  

were it not for the alt-right, I would have continued to listen to him

2017-11-15 03:26:03 UTC  

but I got led astray by racist libertarianism and alt-sodomite stuff

2017-11-15 03:26:03 UTC  

Well not everyone has that approach

2017-11-15 03:26:08 UTC  

Well then good, edgy IM stuff appealed to you

2017-11-15 03:26:13 UTC  

For most it takes steps

2017-11-15 03:26:21 UTC  

I was an Ancap at one point goy

2017-11-15 03:26:25 UTC  

We work our way up

2017-11-15 03:26:26 UTC  

I'm glad you're involved and I'd be happy to punch some soyboys with you some day

2017-11-15 03:26:26 UTC  

I have a quote for you

2017-11-15 03:26:36 UTC  

One does not become a National Socialist. One only discovers, sooner or later, that one has always been one — that, by nature, one could not possibly be anything else.
Devi's words were certainly true for me.

2017-11-15 03:26:50 UTC  

I didn’t wake up one day and decide to be a natsoc

2017-11-15 03:26:54 UTC  

It took a lot of steps

2017-11-15 03:27:02 UTC  

Started with Hoppe and ended with Hitler

2017-11-15 03:27:05 UTC  

@The Inquisitor [☧] just remember bro, there's more than one way to skin a cat

2017-11-15 03:27:15 UTC  

@Fash Dragon cruelty to animals is un-Aryan

2017-11-15 03:27:24 UTC  

I hope you're joking

2017-11-15 03:27:29 UTC  

yes, I'm joking

2017-11-15 03:27:32 UTC  

I'm not that autistic

2017-11-15 03:27:37 UTC  

Good lol I was worried there

2017-11-15 03:27:45 UTC  

It takes steps to reach it here for most people

2017-11-15 03:28:00 UTC  

As much as I hate faggot alt-light fucks they’re a natural step for most folks

2017-11-15 03:28:08 UTC  

I couldn’t tell you how many proud boys I’ve converted

2017-11-15 03:28:31 UTC  

Three of which have applied for TWP membership

2017-11-15 03:28:48 UTC  

So we have to use the faggots to our advantage

2017-11-15 03:28:55 UTC  

The Alt right has not yet learned how to be Natsoc. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. The Alt-Right is not going to be the paleoconservative societies that they once were in the last century. Tradworker are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Altright to make. They are now going into a NatSoc mode, and TradWorker will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, The Alt Right will not survive

2017-11-15 03:29:03 UTC