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2017-04-12 21:45:47 UTC  


2017-04-12 22:51:31 UTC  

Always do

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2017-04-12 23:21:27 UTC  

What's up man

2017-04-12 23:34:51 UTC  

Received my TWP shirt today.

2017-04-12 23:35:03 UTC  

Yeah for mine too

2017-04-12 23:35:08 UTC  

Wore it to my son's martial arts class

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2017-04-12 23:35:48 UTC  

I'm gonna pop mine on for work tomorrow

2017-04-12 23:36:23 UTC  

My CEO is a Jew, I would love to wear a shirt with a giant swastika on it but I still don't have my new job yet

2017-04-12 23:37:49 UTC  

I've been looking around for stickering ops. Not a lot of legal places. Thinking of putting flyers in the free city paper

2017-04-12 23:38:06 UTC  


2017-04-12 23:38:14 UTC  

I need to get on that too

2017-04-12 23:39:23 UTC  

Yeah, if your town has a free paper, just stop by a few places that have the racks and throw them in.

2017-04-12 23:39:37 UTC  

I just pop em up anywhere there's not already one up lpl

2017-04-12 23:39:50 UTC  

Lol *

2017-04-12 23:40:52 UTC  

There was some graffiti on metal that I wanted to cover with one. It is in a spot that a lot of people walk by.

2017-04-12 23:41:59 UTC  

I lived in a smaller town, so there is less tolerance for stickering. In a city, despite laws to the contrary, no one really gies a dan

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2017-04-12 23:43:06 UTC  

Yeah I live in a pre big area, I just sticker when there's no one around

2017-04-12 23:43:18 UTC  

Pretty big area **

2017-04-12 23:45:25 UTC  

I live outside a pretty big city, could definitely get away with stickering around

2017-04-12 23:46:10 UTC  

A friend of mine is giving me all of his TWP stuff. He is taking a break from politics. Now it is just me.

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2017-04-13 00:35:11 UTC  

I know what that is like.

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Important digits today goys

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2017-04-13 02:00:31 UTC  

I bought a sweater last week.

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2017-04-13 02:00:58 UTC  

definitely has a deeper meaning

2017-04-13 02:01:02 UTC  

Interesting is Kushner's Lucent Technologies. Lucent=glowing, giving off light. Same root as Lucifer, the shining one. The address? 666 5th Ave.

2017-04-13 02:01:23 UTC  

I saw that Jtt

2017-04-13 02:01:47 UTC

2017-04-13 02:01:48 UTC  

Someone posted it here

2017-04-13 02:02:43 UTC  

lucent has been harolded as the devil since at least texe marrs started publishing his books

2017-04-13 02:02:55 UTC  

He has such a smug look on his face all of the time

2017-04-13 02:02:58 UTC  

probably before that, but that was the first i noticed

2017-04-13 02:03:27 UTC  

DIdn't know that. I just found it interesting