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2018-02-05 12:38:29 UTC  

sleep is gay

2018-02-05 12:38:42 UTC  

but yeah I woke up at like 7pm because AM A DEGENERATE

2018-02-05 13:22:54 UTC

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2018-02-05 13:23:04 UTC  

Get the gas.

2018-02-05 13:25:17 UTC  

Masonites and SIEGE fags are being used as pawns.

2018-02-05 13:25:50 UTC  

There's nothing NS about satanism and Jewish ritual magic.

2018-02-05 13:27:33 UTC  

Siege isn't wrong. Whether he knows it or not, Heimbach is advocating the tactics most faithfully and effectively. AW are just retards w/ no critical thinking/reading skills

2018-02-05 13:27:57 UTC  

Sure but this culture around it.

2018-02-05 13:28:27 UTC  

Making LaVey and Manson these revered figures.

2018-02-05 13:28:55 UTC  

LaVey was a Zionist agent by the Satanic Bible's own admission.

2018-02-05 13:29:18 UTC  

yeah, fundamentally it isn't wrong. It just attracts freaks because it's unabashedly radical

2018-02-05 13:32:45 UTC  

There's literally no difference between talmudic judaism and luciferianism

2018-02-05 13:32:54 UTC  

Idk why these fags don't realize

2018-02-05 13:34:32 UTC  

@Fevs they're fatherless, directionless, and hopeless teenagers and twenty year olds for the most part

2018-02-05 13:37:57 UTC  

It's kinda sad. They look for masculinity somewhere and they mistakenly try to find it in violent power fantasies

2018-02-05 13:38:45 UTC  

When really, these kids just need to stop and start having families that they never had.

2018-02-05 13:39:00 UTC  

That's no excuse lul

2018-02-05 13:39:06 UTC  

18 year old, raised by my mom

2018-02-05 13:39:09 UTC  

And I'm not hailing satan

2018-02-05 13:39:27 UTC  

Not excusing, just explaining the problem and the solution.

2018-02-05 13:39:37 UTC  

there's only one solution

2018-02-05 13:39:41 UTC  

*one final solution*

2018-02-05 13:39:49 UTC  

Nah but they need to quit being gay

2018-02-05 13:40:35 UTC  

Agreed. But the process that makes a SIEGE Faggot is the same that makes an actual faggot

2018-02-05 13:40:44 UTC  

@Fevs I've seen that weird shit from Blitz about you

2018-02-05 13:40:45 UTC  

implying there's a difference

2018-02-05 13:40:49 UTC  

@Hadrian Exactly

2018-02-05 13:40:55 UTC  

Literally fanfiction about fucking me in the ass

2018-02-05 13:41:07 UTC  

at first I thought he was just bantzing, but it got so detailed and creepy that I'm not so sure anymore

2018-02-05 13:41:25 UTC  

And he's been doing it nonstop since before cville lol

2018-02-05 13:41:48 UTC  

Fatherlessness creates empty children to be filled with whatever group shows acceptance.

2018-02-05 13:41:49 UTC  

I only noticed it recently, haven't spent much time with the bowlthers until recently

2018-02-05 13:43:17 UTC

the difference between ironic fanfic and creepy fanfic

2018-02-05 13:44:10 UTC  

also satanism is gay

2018-02-05 13:44:15 UTC  

literally homosexual

2018-02-05 13:45:21 UTC

2018-02-05 13:46:00 UTC  

Though is it possible to learn jew magic to use it against the jews?

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