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2017-11-07 23:20:55 UTC  

Since I don't personally know what Ghoul's dick looks like, its some pretty weak evidence

2017-11-07 23:23:41 UTC  

Wtf, I don't even know what pic you're talking about, but there's plenty of chatlogs etc, of him being a massive open fag, in addition to the Jimpact stories. But even if he wasn't literally massive fag sucking cocks, even though he is, he is a massive metaphorical cuckold for basically saying Street Nationalists work for the jews and they need to give up and we need to rerererebrand into inoffensive American Nationalists, and nazis are giving ethnic nationalists a bad name and they need to stop alienating normies. And week later he leaves internet because he got doxed. Which is precisely why we need hardcore nazis and not some faggot PR experts who give up at the first sign of trouble.

2017-11-07 23:24:27 UTC  

If you want I can dig you up some of Ghoul's faggot shit, I know a bunch of ex-TRS people, but haven't paid any attention to this drama in ages since its pointless and gay and embarrassing.

2017-11-07 23:25:16 UTC  

Sure. If true its large, but when I was told about it there wasn't anything solid that tied it to actually being him

2017-11-07 23:25:40 UTC  

but I completely agree on all the other shit

2017-11-07 23:26:04 UTC  

Ghoul is a contemptible piece of shit, regardless of whether all the line items against him are correct.

2017-11-07 23:29:47 UTC  

The prediction markets are leading me to second guess whether Cernovich's endorsement is going to bump Gillespie over the finish line.

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2017-11-07 23:42:32 UTC  

And nice

2017-11-07 23:45:53 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach Hey dear leader.

2017-11-07 23:46:04 UTC  

Gotta sec?

2017-11-07 23:50:19 UTC  

Anyone in here weld?

2017-11-07 23:52:53 UTC  

Not since HS

2017-11-07 23:53:00 UTC  

Not that I know of. We're very big on helping our young men line up occupational mentors for the dox-proof trades.

2017-11-07 23:53:28 UTC  

yeah I need to start learning a trade. This tech job isn't going to last forever

2017-11-07 23:54:08 UTC  

How about relocating? Upgrading your skills. Bud, you can do it.

2017-11-07 23:54:11 UTC  

At some point they're going to get rid of me, probably for going off on a pajeet

2017-11-07 23:54:30 UTC  

So, tech. Whats your specialty?

2017-11-07 23:54:42 UTC  

A couple of the TN guys can do some basic tack welding.


Are you a welder, or were u needing something done?

2017-11-07 23:55:17 UTC  

Hardware, servers mainly and storage to an extent

2017-11-07 23:55:38 UTC  

So, data center guy eh? And some sysadmin stuff?

2017-11-07 23:55:43 UTC  

Try amazon.

2017-11-07 23:55:50 UTC  

I am interviewing in a week.

2017-11-07 23:55:53 UTC  

Oh no lol i was gonna post a brag. I am teachin my guys welding soon. We are in the middle of rent the garage.

2017-11-07 23:55:59 UTC

2017-11-07 23:56:08 UTC  

I'll look into it, thanks

2017-11-07 23:56:24 UTC  

That's awesome, Kamrin.

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2017-11-07 23:56:54 UTC  

My job isn't currently at risk, my coworkers are all niggers so I stand out pretty well on our metrics

2017-11-07 23:57:01 UTC  

That's a sweet bead

2017-11-07 23:57:05 UTC  

I am proud of that. Its hard to weld that small thats my brag lol.

2017-11-07 23:57:18 UTC  

but at some point I'm either going to get doxxed or say something I shouldn't

2017-11-07 23:57:26 UTC  


2017-11-07 23:57:30 UTC  

Yeah i will teach anyonw to weld id they are up by me.

2017-11-07 23:57:48 UTC  

We should have the garage in a month.

2017-11-07 23:58:02 UTC  

Welding's fun

2017-11-07 23:58:13 UTC  


2017-11-07 23:58:17 UTC  

where is up by you?

2017-11-07 23:58:46 UTC  


I do machining, and work with welders. Very nice bead!