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BTW, I wasn't insulting the swastika, That was just constructive criticism from my perspective.

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Aryan chads basically invaded India and instituted their own aryan worshipping cult and racial hierarchy with the conquered poo in the loo pajeets at the bottom and aryans at the top. Needless to say things degenerates a bit, but it still remains, shitskins at the bottom, untouchable dravics and brahmins and Kshatriyas at the top.

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So a trailer for the new Wolfenstien came up on my YouTube feed, and am I the only one that thinks,.... that America would just be so much better? Hell, no Jews, blacks at an all time low... damn

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Dude ,James Mason is based af. We need him in the Party.

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The quality of Wolfenstein as a game is fantastic, I hate the story though.

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I'm currently taking the SIEGE pill.

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Man in the High Castle makes Nazi America seem super idyllic.

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I've got a retarded buddy off Xbox that bought it, and it disappoints me every time I see him play it

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When I first watched that show, pre-red pill, I thought it looked great lol

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What do you guys think about Inglorious Basterds lol?

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Where can I find SIEGE? Everyone tells me to read it but nobody says where to get it. Googling shows multiple things with the same name, want to make sure I get the right one

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You can go to iron march for the pdf

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AWD has a shop that sells it.

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Shops down.

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But gimme a sec, I can get you the pdf.

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You can thank the 4chan idiots for that

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Man if any group is a fed honeypot it's AWD can we admit that?

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Besides Klan.

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I'll read it during thanksgiving tomorrow

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AWD are good friends of ours

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Siege your local turkey.

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Just dont forget that Mason admitted in his most recent interview that lashing out is a waste of time and likely negative

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*I feel stupid for asking this* What is the AWD?

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so a lot of Siege has to be discounted, coming from the dude who literally wrote it

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atomic waffle devourers

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Im indifferent to atom waffen personally but if heimbach says they are frienfs ill regard them as such

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i'm one of those nuclear manson cultists

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I like y'all in TWP