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2017-11-02 04:30:25 UTC  


Military is already gearing up, so there must be a legitimate concern on a national level.

2017-11-02 04:31:40 UTC  

Military also geared up for us and nothing popped off because we were smart enough to pull out when we found reason to believe it was set up to be a legal trap. If people are smart they prepare, but it doesnt always mean the outcome is that of the plan.

2017-11-02 04:32:29 UTC  


"Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it" sorta scenario, imo

2017-11-02 04:35:05 UTC  

I heard the military is full of feds. No joke

2017-11-02 04:35:54 UTC  


2017-11-02 04:38:21 UTC  

@RaHoWa Ryan woah man no joke? Thats crazy!

2017-11-02 04:39:49 UTC  

Meh, a lot of military are on our side. Their men have gotten a lot more cucked as the years have progressed, but "military being [actual] feds" is a bit far fetched.

2017-11-02 04:41:02 UTC  

They are! Dont you ever get on facebook?

2017-11-02 04:42:55 UTC  

Not in a bit...

2017-11-02 04:43:24 UTC  

If the military is that compromised, then all the more reason for us to be prepared.

2017-11-02 04:43:59 UTC  

The military is pretty pro-Trump.

2017-11-02 04:44:24 UTC  

Feds are generally against Trump.

2017-11-02 04:44:25 UTC  

Thats because trump has placed a large positive outlook on the military.

2017-11-02 04:44:31 UTC  

Either way fuck trump

2017-11-02 04:44:34 UTC  

I mean not /ourguys/

2017-11-02 04:44:52 UTC  

But I doubt they'll fight onside with MUH POC MINOIRTIES OF COLOR LIBErATIONS

2017-11-02 04:45:23 UTC  

@Rhino1488 fuck drumpf

2017-11-02 04:47:01 UTC  

Just look at how many of our goys are's a pretty large percentage. Statistically speaking, I'd say many military guys are on our side.

2017-11-02 04:47:07 UTC  

at least to a degree.

2017-11-02 04:48:06 UTC  

They might not be "Russian Orthodox Neo-Communist Nazbols"

2017-11-02 04:48:27 UTC  

But they're usually pro-Freedom of speech, and that sort of stuff.

2017-11-02 04:48:57 UTC  

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY

Don't worry, we will start the Cossack Division here in White Afghanistan.

2017-11-02 04:49:08 UTC  

A lot of people might not be on our side, but at least they get where we are comign from.

2017-11-02 04:49:12 UTC  

minus the nazbol gayness

2017-11-02 04:49:14 UTC  

Check a youtube comments after a rally.

2017-11-02 04:55:08 UTC  

Check this shit out, the comments at least.

Fuck argueing with the "alt-right" and go ahead and drop some more redpills in the comments.

2017-11-02 04:55:26 UTC  

Check out the comments on here, regarding Matt's speech:

2017-11-02 04:55:38 UTC  

People are swallowing the redpill, slowly but surely.

2017-11-02 04:55:56 UTC  

Link to the video?

2017-11-02 04:56:00 UTC  

That's just the news page

2017-11-02 04:56:45 UTC  

Well, just read the news page.

The dude is pretty well known here, and is becoming more and more radicalized.

I'll find the actual video, though

2017-11-02 04:57:11 UTC  

Oh didn't know if you had the link to the video on FB itself.

2017-11-02 04:58:44 UTC  

I can't link the actual post, but Matt's speech is probably 7 threads down. Mostly good reacts, except the Lefty trolls (even the guy who runs the news site is positive about what Matt says).

2017-11-02 05:02:22 UTC  

I love how that Jew got off the mic to play music over Matt lmfao

2017-11-02 05:17:55 UTC  

Guys. It's an honor to be struggling with all of you. By God I see the end of capitalism and communism as clearly as I see you.

2017-11-02 05:18:18 UTC  

It's surreal we are here. Doing this now in history. And winning. Our Party. We will be victorious.

2017-11-02 05:18:28 UTC  

The Will to Power.