Message from Goz3rr in /csg/ #ces-2019

2019-01-07 21:11:38 UTC  

what? eye tracked ads?

2019-01-07 21:11:48 UTC  

literally shitting up the one good thing about vr with ads

2019-01-07 21:12:03 UTC  

Always good to know I wasted my time on a troll, lol.

2019-01-07 21:12:35 UTC  

always sad to see such retards who can't see how pozzed the gaming industry is

2019-01-07 21:12:53 UTC  

rife with shit optimized games and political agenda pushing trannies

2019-01-07 21:13:03 UTC  

upvotes to the left

2019-01-07 21:13:07 UTC  

ea bad

2019-01-07 21:13:22 UTC  

@Goz3rr well they have no reason not to

2019-01-07 21:13:38 UTC  

it also uses RTX

2019-01-07 21:13:44 UTC  

considering your local advertising boards and live screens on cities do it

2019-01-07 21:13:53 UTC  

not here

2019-01-07 21:13:59 UTC  

they just want their share of your cake

2019-01-07 21:14:03 UTC  

And yeah. Eye tracked marketing is big big data for selling

2019-01-07 21:14:12 UTC  

You can literally measure how interested someone is

2019-01-07 21:14:14 UTC  

time for eye tracking ad block too

2019-01-07 21:14:16 UTC  

@Tervy hello i work on sheeple tracking for a job

2019-01-07 21:14:19 UTC  

including eye tracking

2019-01-07 21:14:20 UTC  

i know

2019-01-07 21:14:27 UTC  

i know you know :3

2019-01-07 21:14:29 UTC  

in the mean time wear sunglasses so they can't see your eyes

2019-01-07 21:14:34 UTC  

@androidcrawler good joke

2019-01-07 21:14:37 UTC  

thats why i said that it should not be suprise to you

2019-01-07 21:14:50 UTC  

>defeatist attitude

2019-01-07 21:14:52 UTC  

kys fam

2019-01-07 21:15:06 UTC  

I bet you're the kind of person who thought adblock was not possible

2019-01-07 21:15:34 UTC  

yeah sadly sunglasses do jack shit

2019-01-07 21:15:42 UTC  


2019-01-07 21:16:04 UTC  

Eye tracking is too big an advancement for vr to pass up, ads or not.

2019-01-07 21:16:05 UTC  

you got laser beam penetration cameras?

2019-01-07 21:16:24 UTC  

I never said eye tracking was bad you tard, I said eye tracked ads are jewish

2019-01-07 21:16:56 UTC  

Neither was I debating anything you said, I was just contributing to the conversation.

2019-01-07 21:17:21 UTC  

oh really, seemed more like you were just being a consumerist whore

2019-01-07 21:18:16 UTC  

No, I'm saying that because VR literally needs it for foveated rendering, which is a massive resolution jump the second it's implemented.

2019-01-07 21:19:12 UTC  

Idk if you've ever actually used any PCVR HMDs, but displays are the second biggest issue next to game library

2019-01-07 21:19:26 UTC  

I was talking about the ad shilling not the displays

2019-01-07 21:19:32 UTC  

I am well aware of the display limitations

2019-01-07 21:19:57 UTC  

And I was saying the ad shilling would be fine if that's what it took for manufacturers to actually use it.

2019-01-07 21:20:45 UTC  

>ad shilling is fine

2019-01-07 21:20:47 UTC  

no thanks

2019-01-07 21:21:05 UTC  

I'd rather projectile vomit upwards and have it rain back down on me

2019-01-07 21:21:12 UTC  

they could have shilled for vr porn with eye tracking