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2017-05-18 03:14:51 UTC  

You're like that one badass space marine officer in Avatar.

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Dillon, have you read Mein Kampf?

2017-05-18 03:15:38 UTC  

Bits and pieces. I don't have very much spare time to read.

2017-05-18 03:15:48 UTC  

I have the cucky abe foxman version

2017-05-18 03:15:57 UTC  

Do yourself a favor and read it. If you only need to read one book ever, its MK.

2017-05-18 03:16:15 UTC  

Also, I don't like reading off my phone or laptop

2017-05-18 03:16:29 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit what is this in reference to?

2017-05-18 03:16:42 UTC  

Just listened to your interview.

2017-05-18 03:16:43 UTC  

A bit.

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2017-05-18 03:17:00 UTC  

Hunter is my favorite WN book. WLP is a great author

2017-05-18 03:17:02 UTC  

Not my greatest moment.

2017-05-18 03:17:23 UTC  

Okay, I'll make time for it.

2017-05-18 03:17:47 UTC  

They have it on audiobook if you can listen to it @White-PowerStroke(Dillon)

2017-05-18 03:17:58 UTC  

Yeah I mean, no offense, but if you intend to be a serious fascist, let alone a leader, at least read MK, if nothing else.

2017-05-18 03:18:02 UTC  

It's on jewtube(mein Kampf)

2017-05-18 03:19:01 UTC  

If you do pick up the book make sure you get the reich translation

2017-05-18 03:19:08 UTC  

Mein Kampf basically gives exact answers to almost everything you can be asked. It's just Pure Truth.

2017-05-18 03:19:43 UTC  

Prewar Germany sounded a lot like America today too

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2017-05-18 03:20:27 UTC  

You read MK and see what Hitler wrote and predicted before your own eyes, it's almost like a religious experience reading MK.

2017-05-18 03:20:53 UTC  

Literally if u haven't read Mein Kampf, how can you call yourself a true man?

2017-05-18 03:21:02 UTC  

Just everything from the tiny bickering of German parties to wholesale societal collapse.

2017-05-18 03:21:21 UTC  

Ill get a link on here for a stalag trans

2017-05-18 03:21:23 UTC  

Everything is so, so true in MK it's almost eerie.

2017-05-18 03:22:04 UTC  

It just goes to show that what we are dealing with is nothing new

2017-05-18 03:22:16 UTC  

It's a problem as old as time itself

2017-05-18 03:22:30 UTC  

The jews are literally the seed of Cain.

2017-05-18 03:22:46 UTC  

Not human

2017-05-18 03:24:12 UTC  

Jews need to litterally be burnt to ash alive

2017-05-18 03:24:18 UTC  

In public

2017-05-18 03:24:27 UTC  

So I can witness it

2017-05-18 03:24:37 UTC  

And it's that Universal Truth Matt likes to mention. There is one truth, and so many fascists around the world came and keep coming to the same conclusions. Adolf Hitler just wrote it down.

2017-05-18 03:24:42 UTC  

"Mein Kampf" - 3000 dollars.

2017-05-18 03:24:46 UTC  

Natural, universal truth, however you like to call it.

2017-05-18 03:25:12 UTC  

That is the original printing of the stalag

2017-05-18 03:25:17 UTC  

But how do you define that?

2017-05-18 03:25:32 UTC  

Out of curiosity, what have you read Dillon? Not to diss or anything, just to get some impression.

2017-05-18 03:26:42 UTC  

The Cosmic Order defines everything in existence, its simply the rules of how everything IS. Thus it encompasses everything in both the Material and Immaterial Worlds (otherwise referred to by Evola as World and Superworld, the two halfs that make up Reality with the material world being a projection of the metaphysical world). So the Cosmic Order defines the laws of nature and the laws of the spiritual plane and everything within. So when we talk about the Laws of Nature we still refer to something that is defined by the Cosmic Order.