Message from AltCelt(IL) in tradworker #tradworker

2017-04-28 04:04:00 UTC  

I did it through Jeff schoep of the nsm

2017-04-28 04:04:06 UTC  

They do it different

2017-04-28 04:04:12 UTC  

Than twp

2017-04-28 04:04:20 UTC  

Commander do you want my ticket

2017-04-28 04:04:32 UTC  


2017-04-28 04:04:44 UTC  

Lol. Ok

2017-04-28 04:04:47 UTC  

I already told Heimbach I was going to pay cash

2017-04-28 04:04:53 UTC  

Oh ok

2017-04-28 04:05:03 UTC  

The only problem is he's not answering my fucking texts.

2017-04-28 04:05:03 UTC  

Just trying to help someone if they needed it

2017-04-28 04:05:13 UTC  

I paid through the TWP but I consider it a donation.

2017-04-28 04:05:13 UTC  

I Appreciate it.

2017-04-28 04:05:29 UTC  

I wage cuck so any amount is helpful to me

2017-04-28 04:05:35 UTC  

Yea they got their payment section shut down also

2017-04-28 04:05:36 UTC  

No prob

2017-04-28 04:05:45 UTC  

Who did alt

2017-04-28 04:05:49 UTC  


2017-04-28 04:08:50 UTC  

I just want to know where everyone is!

2017-04-28 04:09:38 UTC  

Im just over 3 hours out, but im relaxing in my car for the night lol

2017-04-28 04:13:56 UTC  

Well aren't there supposed to be like hundreds of people?

2017-04-28 04:14:47 UTC  

I guess so. Meeting at the Walmart and going from there I guess.

2017-04-28 04:15:26 UTC  

Well, I'll be at the Holiday Inn Express.

2017-04-28 04:15:43 UTC  

Nice. How much a night there?

2017-04-28 04:16:30 UTC  

Btw Im up for splitting a room with people. Or sleep in my car haha

2017-04-28 04:19:48 UTC  

90 bucks

2017-04-28 04:20:04 UTC  

I'll pay for the room if you buy the beer.

2017-04-28 04:21:02 UTC  

Haha I actually dont drink but hey man I'll cover food and booze for ya starting tomorrow if ya want to do that lol

2017-04-28 04:21:35 UTC  

Nah, I'll probably pay for everything because I have money.

2017-04-28 04:21:56 UTC  

I got you brother.

2017-04-28 04:22:46 UTC  

I just want to fucking help. Heimbach said they could use my icom radios for this shit yet he hasn't responded

2017-04-28 04:23:09 UTC  

Im ok on money, just wouldnt be up for 90 a night lol but willing to work somethin out.

2017-04-28 04:23:18 UTC  

Yea Im not sure man. Damn hope hes ok lol

2017-04-28 04:23:29 UTC  

Hes gota be swamped thougg

2017-04-28 04:23:50 UTC  


2017-04-28 04:24:29 UTC  

Im currently laid off and dont have kids. Otherwise I wouldnt be able to even think of these adventures lol

2017-04-28 04:27:10 UTC  

Eh Im a wage cuck but thankfully I can work in Cyber-Security

2017-04-28 04:27:19 UTC  

Since I got a RPi3

2017-04-28 04:30:01 UTC  

You got 3Ped too? Lol

2017-04-28 04:47:18 UTC  

Yall are some good people!

2017-04-28 04:47:38 UTC  

Thanks 😇

2017-04-28 04:48:09 UTC  

@White-PowerStroke(Dillon) Well I want to get started as a Penetration Tester.