Message from Hernán Cortés in Anticom #general

2017-02-04 21:03:43 UTC  

@trumpshair I'm the publisher/creater

2017-02-04 21:03:51 UTC  

Not a honeypot, I guarantee you.

2017-02-04 21:03:53 UTC  

you should use a different service

2017-02-04 21:03:59 UTC  

What would you recommend?

2017-02-04 21:04:25 UTC  

I reckon I can print the posters out and put them all over belfast

2017-02-04 21:04:33 UTC  

They're gonna have to be on A4 pieces of paper

2017-02-04 21:04:53 UTC  

Maybe I can slap them on political campaign posters

2017-02-04 21:05:05 UTC  

If you didn't know, we are having another election here

2017-02-04 21:05:09 UTC  

for text? Just use pastebin

2017-02-04 21:05:34 UTC  

No like in pictures

2017-02-04 21:05:47 UTC  

I'll print the Anticom pictures out and stick them everywhere

2017-02-04 21:06:12 UTC  

Alright, got it

2017-02-04 21:07:24 UTC  

We should make an anthem

2017-02-04 21:08:12 UTC  


2017-02-04 21:08:17 UTC  

Nah like

2017-02-04 21:08:22 UTC  

Proper imperial anthem

2017-02-04 21:08:31 UTC

2017-02-04 21:08:36 UTC  


2017-02-04 21:08:43 UTC  


2017-02-04 21:08:57 UTC  

@Ulstèr-Scotch to the tune of?

2017-02-04 21:09:01 UTC  


2017-02-04 21:09:02 UTC  

how about some European war music?

2017-02-04 21:09:05 UTC  

I have an idea

2017-02-04 21:09:06 UTC  

do we have any composers?

2017-02-04 21:09:50 UTC  

Just sayin'

2017-02-04 21:11:23 UTC  
2017-02-04 21:12:01 UTC  


2017-02-04 21:12:11 UTC  

Bodganoff Internet Defence Force

2017-02-04 21:12:12 UTC  

bulgarian internet defense force?

2017-02-04 21:12:14 UTC  


2017-02-04 21:12:22 UTC  

Somebody needs a quick rundown

2017-02-04 21:12:53 UTC  


2017-02-04 21:13:24 UTC  

Here's the rundown on these guys:

>rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs
>in contact with aliens
>rumoured to possess psychic abilities
>control france with an iron fist
>own castles and banks all over the world
>direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
>will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be be the first city)
>in the process of terraforming Pluto as their personal planet
>own basically every DNA editing research facility on Earth
>first designer babies will be Bogdanoff Babies
>both brothers said to have 400+ IQ
>ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon the Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>These are the Bogdanoff twins
>They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
>You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now
>Every child has the mark of the Bogd implanted in them at birth
>The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church
>Discovered the ark of the covenant
>They learned fluent French in under a week
>Zahi Hawass allows them full access to the evidence of Atlantis within the pyramids
>Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the twins. There's no gold in Ft. Knox, only Ft. Bogdanoff
>The twins are 67 years old, from the space-time reference point of the base human
>In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe
>They have been able to access the Akashic record since birth, and have spoken about what they saw while they were newborns
>The Bogdanoffs will guide humanity into a new age of wisdom, peace and love