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2018-12-27 14:58:27 UTC  

smh not giving her the old one anyway

2018-12-27 14:58:34 UTC  

this african american behavior is unacceptable

2018-12-27 14:59:06 UTC  

she wil be getting my old setup (way easier to just move whole setup over)

2018-12-27 14:59:23 UTC  

I gave my 1050ti to my gf because she needed CUDA for her study and now she's doing AI memes. I wish OpenCL was more popular because now I see all the funny things she does with CUDA and I'm getting jelly

2018-12-27 14:59:30 UTC  

2600k ,somemobo,290X

2018-12-27 14:59:44 UTC  

i think 2600 would bottleneck the 1060

2018-12-27 14:59:45 UTC  


2018-12-27 14:59:46 UTC  

fair enough

2018-12-27 14:59:47 UTC  

not so sure

2018-12-27 14:59:52 UTC  

it's really not much of a difference

2018-12-27 14:59:53 UTC  


2018-12-27 15:00:03 UTC  

Is it a gaming build? @Tervy

2018-12-27 15:00:04 UTC  

yeah they are tied only the 2GB ram difference

2018-12-27 15:00:08 UTC  

@porco yes

2018-12-27 15:00:13 UTC  


2018-12-27 15:00:15 UTC  

i fell for the sff meme

2018-12-27 15:00:26 UTC  

this is a pretty good meme

2018-12-27 15:00:29 UTC  

i just need to find some old LG1155 MATX motherboard

2018-12-27 15:00:33 UTC  

Why do you go for AMD if gaming is your primary purpose of the build?

2018-12-27 15:00:44 UTC  

cause AMD is good at it too

2018-12-27 15:00:44 UTC  

Why not just get a 8th gen i5 for cheaper?

2018-12-27 15:00:45 UTC  

(who knew)

2018-12-27 15:00:59 UTC  

Yes but if you only want to game, you don't need 8 cores

2018-12-27 15:01:11 UTC  

Then rather buy a cheaper cpu and spend more money on gpu

2018-12-27 15:01:28 UTC  


2018-12-27 15:01:30 UTC  

so i can have her pc fit to MATX case what is nice and comfy

2018-12-27 15:01:39 UTC  

my 1060 runs games fine on 1080p fren

2018-12-27 15:01:48 UTC  

ITX is comfier

2018-12-27 15:02:01 UTC  

once you get past the autistic cable routing

2018-12-27 15:02:07 UTC  

it's smaller, lighter and easier to move

2018-12-27 15:02:31 UTC  

How often do you move your pc?

2018-12-27 15:02:35 UTC  

>ITX >290X

2018-12-27 15:02:40 UTC  

R9 nano

2018-12-27 15:02:40 UTC  

thats how you bake your breads ?

2018-12-27 15:03:08 UTC  

not often, actually, but still

2018-12-27 15:04:13 UTC  

if u make itx on 290x somehow u end up with secret nuclear plantation

2018-12-27 15:04:53 UTC  

ohgod 4ghz 2600k and 290X on same ITX setup

2018-12-27 15:05:10 UTC  

i would need a fucking windtunnel to keep it cool

2018-12-27 15:05:18 UTC  

tfw no threadripper itx

2018-12-27 15:06:06 UTC  

it could work tbh

2018-12-27 15:06:20 UTC  

There wouldn't be place for the ram