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2016-11-15 15:39:38 UTC  

most people go to coastal cities

2016-11-15 15:39:40 UTC  


2016-11-15 15:39:55 UTC  

Coastal cities are 1st teir cities, with lots of foreigners and 1st world ammenities

2016-11-15 15:39:57 UTC  

@kaetaa you need a xiaomi air purifier! (this message was sponsored by lei jun)

2016-11-15 15:40:09 UTC  

i wanted some ammenities, but also wanted a more rural experience.

2016-11-15 15:40:22 UTC  

oh you moved there? not vacationing?

2016-11-15 15:40:23 UTC  

wuhan is in the middle, connected to all the big cities in the country by bullet train

2016-11-15 15:40:24 UTC  

Is it like the Japanese cartoons??

2016-11-15 15:40:34 UTC  

yeah i live here, 8 months

2016-11-15 15:40:52 UTC  

nah its not rural, really. its a huge ass city. but nobody fucking speaks english

2016-11-15 15:40:54 UTC  

Wuhan is like filled with thousands of lakes huh?

2016-11-15 15:41:09 UTC  

nah thats sichuan, which means 4 lakes

2016-11-15 15:41:13 UTC  

can you read chinese?

2016-11-15 15:41:13 UTC  

we have a few though, yeah

2016-11-15 15:41:17 UTC  

a little

2016-11-15 15:41:33 UTC  

wait, sorry shit i mixed up the english words lake and river

2016-11-15 15:41:42 UTC  

youre right, we do have nice lakes

2016-11-15 15:42:15 UTC  

and the big river, yangtze river, runs through the middle of wuhan

2016-11-15 15:42:20 UTC  

nice rake, yes

2016-11-15 15:42:41 UTC  

windy, im actually going to japan next week with some visiting m8s

2016-11-15 15:42:45 UTC  

will be my third visit

2016-11-15 15:43:18 UTC  

i haven't been back to china since mid-2000s; are the little putt-putt passenger trikes still a thing

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2016-11-15 15:43:31 UTC  

Was the rape of Nanjing justified?

2016-11-15 15:43:37 UTC  

china made a big change since 2008

2016-11-15 15:43:42 UTC  

no, it wasnt

2016-11-15 15:43:55 UTC  

(they are watching me)

2016-11-15 15:44:37 UTC  

What vpn are you using? t. Chinese govt

2016-11-15 15:44:59 UTC  

gotta rate tourists grills: 1. chinese 2. gooks 3. japs with those graveyard teeth 4. chinese from chinkapore (fat, wersternised, tattooed)

2016-11-15 15:45:08 UTC  

"hi mister/miss opressors extension hand.. how is your workday today... any nice rumours ? "

2016-11-15 15:45:25 UTC  

it was a bit of a pain to get a DSL line to my apartment back in the day but that was in fujian province

2016-11-15 15:45:28 UTC  

I use Cactus VPN because it was a gift - after it runs out, I will pick one with more servers

2016-11-15 15:45:42 UTC  

A lot has changed, byte. they went through 100 years of progression in 8 years.

2016-11-15 15:45:56 UTC  

the china of 2007 is nothing like the chinas of 2016.

2016-11-15 15:46:15 UTC  

Are you telling me that they're ripping us off in trade?

2016-11-15 15:46:19 UTC  

yeah i got a sense of that from other people's yt vids

2016-11-15 15:46:35 UTC  

nah, they just started giving out big loans and encouraging people to start building

2016-11-15 15:46:46 UTC  

wait, how old are you fags if you know how china was in 2006-7?

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2016-11-15 15:46:55 UTC  

old enough

2016-11-15 15:47:10 UTC  

I only know from 1st hand accounts from chinese here, and documentaries