Message from Justin Burger (Major-GA) in tradworker #tradworker

2017-10-30 01:08:21 UTC  

Anybody have the youtube link for the pub. Our footage?

2017-10-30 01:12:17 UTC  

Hey, this is Justin Burger, i was a shield carrier at Shelbyville, can you good goys vet me for the chat.

2017-10-30 01:16:20 UTC  

it's on liveleak

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2017-10-30 01:33:45 UTC  

They hit one of our girls.

2017-10-30 01:33:49 UTC  

We hit no one.

2017-10-30 01:34:00 UTC  

Fake news

2017-10-30 01:34:05 UTC  

Fucking cucks

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2017-10-30 01:34:53 UTC  

Lol, in the video, our guy is just trying to walk away and she is grabbing his jacket.

2017-10-30 01:35:16 UTC  

The nog was getting violent

2017-10-30 01:36:06 UTC  

Sad part is that if his woman wouldn't of escelated it, they'dve just taken their gibs me dats from the resturant and left

2017-10-30 01:40:51 UTC  

If the coal burner wasnt there, we would drank and been on our merry way.

2017-10-30 01:41:52 UTC  

even more reason to <s>physically</s>metaphorically remove coalburners

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2017-10-30 02:10:09 UTC  

Some good pics of our guys i got.

2017-10-30 02:16:11 UTC  

Heil Heimbach! Sieg Heil!

2017-10-30 02:29:41 UTC  

Tfw you will never be as cool as this guy

2017-10-30 02:42:45 UTC  


2017-10-30 03:09:48 UTC  

Nice optics lol.

2017-10-30 03:31:14 UTC  

Can one of you guys approve me for the regular chat?

2017-10-30 03:35:12 UTC  

This is the primary chat not many people are under the “vetted” list

2017-10-30 03:37:26 UTC  

I'd pay good money for a photo

2017-10-30 03:37:39 UTC  


2017-10-30 03:38:46 UTC  

But do we get to see the giant swazi we made?

2017-10-30 03:39:49 UTC  

I bet the news channel already destroyed that footage from the chopper

2017-10-30 03:40:26 UTC  

Idk why it seems like they'd eagerly share it

2017-10-30 03:40:45 UTC  

Do we know the deal on the chopper?

2017-10-30 03:40:52 UTC  

Who it was affiliated with and such?

2017-10-30 03:40:54 UTC  

Anyway we need to have a gathering on some of my land and do another one. I'll fly my drone overhead