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2018-06-13 11:02:59 UTC  

I am not going to do that

2018-06-13 11:03:00 UTC  

it's not a 0% interest card then

2018-06-13 11:03:06 UTC  

it's 27% APR

2018-06-13 11:03:28 UTC  

Pay the moment after you bought something

2018-06-13 11:03:37 UTC  

(((Credit shifu here)))

2018-06-13 11:04:45 UTC  

youll get the nicer cards after a year or two on a shitter ~20% APR card

2018-06-13 11:05:27 UTC  

Zucht, I want a amex but its useless here with mostly maestro and other methods in asia

2018-06-13 11:07:19 UTC  

i hope the british airways ones will be good

2018-06-13 11:07:24 UTC  

something tells me they're not

2018-06-13 11:08:01 UTC  

they've been charging ripoff premium prices for subpar flight service

2018-06-13 11:08:44 UTC  

I have to wait until 21 to get some proper insurance for cards too

2018-06-13 11:10:21 UTC  

Wait aren't you better of booking budget airline flights then paying premium for transaction fees @transience?

2018-06-13 11:10:33 UTC  

Or whatever fees the card has

2018-06-13 11:10:35 UTC  

scratch what i said

2018-06-13 11:11:01 UTC  

1 avios points per 1 pound spending, need 100,000 avios to go to thailand
no thanks

2018-06-13 11:11:05 UTC  

anyway <#189467888657235970>

2018-06-13 11:11:22 UTC  

Oh yeah
Ching chong

2018-06-13 11:49:06 UTC  

@porco Post more chink food

2018-06-13 12:20:49 UTC  

Chink food is pretty good, think this is dry pot or something. Just pick out meat amd veg amd they fry it in chili oil of varying spice. Great for long trips, cant fall asleep at the wheel if our stomach is on fire

2018-06-13 15:23:54 UTC  

even einstein shat on chinks

2018-06-13 16:28:05 UTC  

based einstein

2018-06-13 16:28:09 UTC  

truly /ourguy/

2018-06-13 16:31:47 UTC  

anyone who has read anything about einstein knows he was cautious for everyone

2018-06-13 16:56:18 UTC  

damn good guy einstein

2018-06-13 16:56:22 UTC  

thats pretty funny

2018-06-13 16:57:07 UTC  

"see him writing of the Chinese that “even those reduced to working like horses never give the impression of conscious suffering. A peculiar herd-like nation [ … ] often more like automatons than people.” He later adds, in Rosenkranz’s words, “a healthy dose of extreme misogyny” to his xenophobia with the observation: “I noticed how little difference there is between men and women; I don’t understand what kind of fatal attraction Chinese women possess which enthrals the corresponding men to such an extent that they are incapable of defending themselves against the formidable blessing of offspring”.

2018-06-13 16:57:09 UTC  

god damn

2018-06-13 16:57:12 UTC  

nothing has changed

2018-06-13 16:57:26 UTC  

how is LA treating you?

2018-06-13 16:57:51 UTC  

there so much traffic im sick of it already haha

2018-06-13 16:57:56 UTC  

but everything else is kind of what i expected

2018-06-13 16:58:05 UTC  

we see so much of LA in tv and movies its hard to be "surprised" by anything

2018-06-13 16:58:12 UTC  

but its still been enjoyable

2018-06-13 16:59:03 UTC  

we head back to my home on saturday, so just a few more days of vacation, but its been nice

2018-06-13 16:59:08 UTC  

its nice to see a blue sky again

2018-06-13 16:59:18 UTC  

in china even if there isnt thatm uch pollution, the giant buildings block the sky

2018-06-13 17:11:28 UTC  

I dont understand chinese - they ilegally access the outside world internet by using VPN - access youtube - and then immediately just look up their own country?

2018-06-13 17:11:42 UTC  

they go to videos about china to defend china and bash other countries

2018-06-13 17:11:51 UTC  

is this how they use their VPN?

2018-06-13 17:12:19 UTC  

theyve been so brainwashed to believe that any negativity should be met with hostility