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Absolute madman.

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What pilled me about the holocaust was the kikes in the Baltics, their argument is basically if you remember Europeans you're minimizing holocaust, also nazi.

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They even drafted this condemnation to EU that it's a hatecrime to call Stalinist crimes a genocide.

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Well that sure shows where they stand doesn't it?

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Like do kikes /want/ to get gassed?

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>The Seventy Years Declaration was a declaration initiated by academics Dovid Katz and Danny Ben-Moshe and released on 20 January 2012 to protest against the policies of several European states and European Union bodies on the evaluation, remembrance and prosecution of crimes committed under communist dictatorships in Europe, specifically policies of many European countries and the EU treating the Nazi and Stalinist regimes in Eastern and Central Europe as equally criminal.

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We honestly need to kill each and every jew.

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Even the children.

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The biggest mindfuck of all is that the Jewish people are memeing their own genocide into existence with their hysterical behavior.

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As long as they exist at least in our countries they will continuously produce problems as a collective group

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Hey @parrott if you ever want to know what convinced me of the total and pure evilness of the jews, read this:

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We don't really have jews here, most nordics aren't jew smart. But as someone whose family has suffered from bolshevism, and how jews always profess the to be on the side of the persecuted but then attacking the Europeans for commemorating their own dead, it was mind boggling hypocrisy.

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It's the same everywhere, that's just a good example from Lithuania.

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My last straw in becoming a fanatic was when we were doing some covert work through Hoosier Nation years ago, and a Jewish guy pulled us aside thinking we were mere tea partiers and tried to rope us into all of this shady political bullshit.

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lol wat

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Even in Indiana, they're this omnipresent sinister force behind the scenes in politics subverting and perverting the process from all sides.

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Hoosier Nation was my cornpone paleocon white nationalist project way back in the day.

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no I remember it

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It was the Indiana chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

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Jake was with me. He saw it too.

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My extremism hurts.

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I'm wondering what kinda shady political shit this kike was trying to rope you into

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and ye we all remember Hoosier Nation, 2012 nostalgia

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He was going to explain the details in a follow-up meeting. We chose not to follow-up. But it was this elaborate gamesmanship which I recall was intended to get the Tea Party aligned with the Chamber of Commerce.

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fucking figures

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"You've got a lot of guys. And they're motivated. But they need to move on to bigger issues than this."

"The immigration issue is the biggest issue for us."

"You mean the illegal immigration issue?"

"Yeah. Whatever."

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>Burn civilians alive in their homes
>Lead Yad Vashem

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There's no word to properly describe the evil of jews.

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The worst thing about kikes is the fact they'll do shit like this whilst whining about their own persecution

2017-01-31 04:06:56 UTC  

They don't even have the balls to own up consistently

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KU I remember when you explained to me exactly what was wrong with Israel domestically on FB last year.

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Fucking enraging garbage

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Also when Baltics or Poland ask for soviet war criminals the fucking kikes cry ANTISEMITISM, but they're hunting fucking Auschwitz's accountant that is 101 and have been demanding extraditions from all over the world for the states entire existence.

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"jewish hero murders old people" cool

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like I get the wanting to hunt anyone involved with the holocaust on their end, but what their clear motive in openly defending Soviet war criminals? It's solely because they generally fought the Nazis, right?

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I like this one guy interviewing a partisan, crying how horrible it is that an old guy who was victim of the HOLOCAUST is being persecuted in his old age, and then the kike goes on to tell how he bashed an old lady's head in with a rock and torched barns with people inside