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2018-08-12 14:01:19 UTC  

they can be less dengenerate for all I know

2018-08-12 14:02:27 UTC  

if that's the case, then mainland chink culture is fucked to begin with

2018-08-12 14:02:48 UTC  

you rarely see hk ppl in the UK being as degenerate

2018-08-12 14:02:58 UTC  

it's mainly mainland chinks that cause a scene

2018-08-12 14:03:07 UTC  

China is doing things to improve

2018-08-12 14:03:12 UTC  

they send them information how to behave abroad

2018-08-12 14:03:20 UTC  

since they dont want to embarrass their country

2018-08-12 14:04:23 UTC  

shouting like farmers at each other and just throwing cigarettes on the sidewalk, for instance

2018-08-12 14:04:33 UTC  

large groups is what I saw a lot in Russia

2018-08-12 14:04:41 UTC  

IN St.Petersburg full of chinks

2018-08-12 14:05:06 UTC  

Had fun yelling shit to them with friends since I'm not so mature

2018-08-12 14:05:18 UTC  

anyway they wont be able to be much degenerates

2018-08-12 14:05:34 UTC  

Russia is a poor country and dont have things that are so easy to take advantage of

2018-08-12 14:05:46 UTC  

being former communist

2018-08-12 14:06:19 UTC  

thats cool. When I was in Russia people were so crazy interested if I just mentioned that I come from abroad.

2018-08-12 14:06:46 UTC  

and understand Russian (hint: they dont speak good English)

2018-08-12 14:07:09 UTC  

so yes, while you can argue that chinks just dont know how to behave for the time being, the less i have to spend around them, the better

2018-08-12 14:10:24 UTC  


2018-08-12 14:10:31 UTC  

that said

2018-08-12 14:10:35 UTC  

I had girls after me for sure

2018-08-12 14:10:40 UTC  

sounds like my grandma

2018-08-12 14:10:48 UTC  

THey have low birth rate in Russia

2018-08-12 14:10:55 UTC  

mostly marry to keep economy afloat

2018-08-12 14:10:56 UTC  

they want american green card @Dietrich

2018-08-12 14:11:05 UTC  

or wherever youre from

2018-08-12 14:11:08 UTC  

Im not U.S.

2018-08-12 14:11:14 UTC  


2018-08-12 14:11:22 UTC  

My country borders Russia

2018-08-12 14:11:28 UTC  

literally took the bus over

2018-08-12 14:11:30 UTC  

europoor green cards

2018-08-12 14:11:38 UTC  

is this finland

2018-08-12 14:11:44 UTC  


2018-08-12 14:12:09 UTC  

prussia is not a country?? ????

2018-08-12 14:12:20 UTC  

I did my history lessons in Russia, like a class

2018-08-12 14:12:27 UTC  

pretty sure you are out of your mind

2018-08-12 14:12:45 UTC  

I'll have you know they cant afford to buy new equipment

2018-08-12 14:13:04 UTC  

so the old one is still the soviet union schools and equipment, like failing and would be replaced man years ago in any decent country

2018-08-12 14:13:10 UTC  

The map didnt say Russia

2018-08-12 14:13:13 UTC  

it had a big Soviet Union

2018-08-12 14:13:24 UTC  

is good map comrade

2018-08-12 14:13:27 UTC  

why replace good map