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And yeah, it was a really sweet place, shame I didn't get to take a lot of pictures because of the Germans.

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They may get charged for shit they do in other countries so it's all hush hush.

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That was just the upper portion, the place was choke full of people, the guy with the tattoos on the back of his head is like +2m tall

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Also knew the guys behind the bar so I got to fix my own drinks, haha. Brought a few normie friends, they were most impressed by that arrangement lol

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I can imagine, is it more acceptable in Finland than other countries? I'm still not all that familiar with Europe other than the horror stories about Sweden, Germany, and France.

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It's all relative I guess. It's like the situation in the Baltics, you know.

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We really are ex-soviet houseniggers.

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I mean, our Minister of Defense brought a wreath to SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Törni's grave, but simultaneously they try to shut down NS organizations that threaten the system. Patriotards secretly wish we (as in Hitler) would have won, but that doesn't translate into activism.

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And they will defend the SS as knee jerk reaction, in the same way your patriotard would defend any US invasion. As an instinct.

2017-04-09 22:56:01 UTC  

Not all SS, just our particular SS.

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Yeah I gotcha

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I mean, I get if you're an American patriotard you can go on about muhh freedumps and liberty, but ex-Axis nationalist cannot conceivably ever argue why Hitler shouldn't have won. It's practically treason. More Finns have had people in prison camps and hunted by secret police than any kikes here.

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Only Germans have been assraped and brainwashed into submission for over half a century.

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Romania is pretty cucked I guess but that's it.

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Yeah history is pretty fucked/backwards, you coming out to the Pikeville event?

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Were you there?

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yes sire

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I shoulda gone I live in Niggermore

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Wish I could but we got so much stuff, the terror attack, a huge march, we might very well get 1000 people marching, and the whole court banning and riot case and whatnot going on

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Keeping busy

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But hope you have fun

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Damn that's a lot of people marching, hell yeah

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700-800 people were expected to come before the terror attack

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Beast you from DC

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nah nearby

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>Make Racist Afraid Again

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Real scared man

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Two girls and one faggot holding the sign

2017-04-09 23:06:04 UTC  

I tried to flirt with the girls

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thats my new troll is flirting with antifa girls

2017-04-09 23:06:17 UTC  

when they think I'm a "nazi"

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Man, That is beautiful.

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They are all probably Jews and the easiest bitches to fuck