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BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:25:31

i don't look down on them either, by any means. there is not anyone in this movement that i wouldn't fight alongside and work with, i just don't think the skinhead culture is productive for the movement. and if skinhead just means listening to metal and shaving your head, whatever.

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:25:49

i don't like the tats though

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:25:52

esp. face and neck tats

Fevs 2017-11-04 03:25:53

What about skinhead culture is counter productive

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:26:13

there is a small group of people in metal culture that are straightedge, but lets be honest, its a very small group

Fevs 2017-11-04 03:26:26

None of us are straightedge

Fevs 2017-11-04 03:26:28

You aren't either

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:26:30

it is not exactly the place you go to be trad

Jones Malone 2017-11-04 03:26:31

Why are you equating metal culture with skins though

Kombat-Unit 2017-11-04 03:26:35

NSBM culture is fucking based

Kamrin 2017-11-04 03:26:40

Ur moms a very small group

Kombat-Unit 2017-11-04 03:26:44

also yeah y tho

John Mosby 2017-11-04 03:26:48

Tattoos are a matter of personal preference. I can countersignal someone who doesn't have racial tats, just as easy as someone can countersignal us for having them

Kombat-Unit 2017-11-04 03:26:52

RAC scene is pretty great too tho

fassel 2017-11-04 03:27:35

Rac is only non cucked music

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:27:45

i am counter signalling racial tats bc they are not a good image to present to the public. and if you are going to have them, at least do it on the upper arm and chest

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:27:48

not the face or neck

Kombat-Unit 2017-11-04 03:27:48


Kombat-Unit 2017-11-04 03:27:50

outta here

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:28:03

face/neck tats are niggerish

John Mosby 2017-11-04 03:28:07

The chicks like my neck tats 😉

Hadrian 2017-11-04 03:28:20

We wuz optics cucks n sheeit

Kombat-Unit 2017-11-04 03:28:20

Only thing I mind is face tats.

Kombat-Unit 2017-11-04 03:28:34

I dunno, even the normies around me have shit ton of ink.

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:28:42

optics policing isn't absolutely cucked. is it cucked to refuse to let a furry in to our march?

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:28:48

should we let nazi furries in?

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:28:56

just bc they are pro white?

fassel 2017-11-04 03:28:59

No cause theyre faggots

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:29:05

ok so ur optics cucking then?

Fevs 2017-11-04 03:29:12


fassel 2017-11-04 03:29:15

No i dont accept faggots

Kombat-Unit 2017-11-04 03:29:20

I think its reasonable countersignaling face tats but countersignaling tats in general is pointless.

fassel 2017-11-04 03:29:24

Nothing to do with optics

Fevs 2017-11-04 03:29:29

"Optics cucking" is sacrificing YOUR BELIEFS for the sake of normie attention

Fevs 2017-11-04 03:29:43

Furries aren't our beliefs

Fevs 2017-11-04 03:29:45

Swastikas are

fassel 2017-11-04 03:29:51

Furries are not heterosexuals...

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:29:56

a symbol is your belief?

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:30:01

if you change your symbol you are changing your beliefs?

BasedWhiteGoy 2017-11-04 03:30:01


fassel 2017-11-04 03:30:08

Are theyre hetero furries? Honest question