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Collectivized memes.

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One of around 50 spots we blitzed. This is a high traffic tourist bridge with several lit up towers similar to this.

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@Hadrian Hit up a rather beautiful Woman today. Or rather spoke to.

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Wana see Vince continuously beat up pigs, nogs, and mexicans? Check this shit out some time

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Opticucks will get mad at this becasue there are no Polish flags, sad!

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Lol I posted pictures of that rally on Fb and said “wow what bad optics” @BasedWhiteGoy

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Opticucks really aren't our allies at this point. They tend to do nothing useful for the movement, refuse to get with the program, and destroy what has already been built

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Instead of trying to build up their own alternative movement

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They are saboteurs and should be treated as such

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I am inclined to agree with you. I didn’t want to believe it until those frat boy fags decided to start counter signaling us

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Yea, its whatever though. People are leaving IE en masse because they don't want to be part of a group that isolates itself from the rest of the movement

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Some race mixer just got exposed in IE, and is now cucking and going full civnat

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Weak convictions attract weak people

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Michael Barbosa

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I’ve been told his name echoes

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Wouldn't be surprised tbh.

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The girl I dated that’s in IE turned out to be a civnat and dated nonwhites in the past. She told me they all talk about doing drugs together too. Great bunch of people

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I still can't believe that IE allows women lol

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I got some fun stuff about IE in my area I learned

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That desperate for some extra membership dues eh

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They're bourgeois frat racists, essentially.

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It’s all the shekels obviously

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Yeah the whole lot of them are

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Or pretend to be bourgeois

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Yea, I have said for a long time that the optics debate is a class thing

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Upper middle class/middle class v. working class

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Agreed the ones who aren’t sure love to act like it

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In the new york area they meet at a restaurant thats 50 bucks a plate and half its menu is in hebrew.

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Accepting women is one thing but they also encourage them to come to rallies where it will get violent

2017-11-13 18:01:07 UTC