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2018-02-05 04:02:21 UTC  

Oh wait....

2018-02-05 04:03:05 UTC  

and the trial is not going to be fair, it looks like

2018-02-05 04:03:09 UTC  

its literally been going on for 3 years

2018-02-05 04:03:18 UTC  

over 230 days of testimony and bullshit

2018-02-05 04:03:23 UTC  

thats just days spent in court

2018-02-05 04:08:53 UTC  

They want to make sure they spend a sentence without sentencing

2018-02-05 04:10:10 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach I have run across a question in regards to which is more importin in your opinion given the option would it be better to move to an area with many people in the movement or stay in a place that has little to no movement involvement just to have pressence in the location

2018-02-05 04:10:53 UTC  

Honestly, i couldnt do this without my local comrades

2018-02-05 04:11:16 UTC  

Having help raising kids, having that social aspect, the community feeling of weekly dinners or hanging out regularly, that cant be beat

2018-02-05 04:12:21 UTC  

You're welcome btw

2018-02-05 04:12:24 UTC  


2018-02-05 04:12:33 UTC  

I have often felt that way though I know I must be my own master in decisions thank you for the input

2018-02-05 04:14:35 UTC  

Make your community bro

2018-02-05 04:15:22 UTC  

Our community is pretty awesome

2018-02-05 04:15:26 UTC  


2018-02-05 04:15:46 UTC  

im surrounded by boomers and everyone younger left is kind of a nightmare

2018-02-05 04:16:09 UTC  


2018-02-05 04:16:17 UTC  

Just saying

2018-02-05 04:16:44 UTC  

well im planing to use some vacation time with work to check it out

2018-02-05 04:16:51 UTC  

I'm in the most blacked state in the union

2018-02-05 04:16:58 UTC  

some time this summer

2018-02-05 04:17:19 UTC  

dang thats got to suck cato

2018-02-05 04:17:20 UTC  

An all white town with all the necessary services oh noooooo

2018-02-05 04:17:32 UTC  

We are poor but happy

2018-02-05 04:18:19 UTC  

where I am we make good money but everything cost a lot and most people are drunks

2018-02-05 04:18:56 UTC  

1500 a month for a house is average rent for 2 bedroom with garage

2018-02-05 04:19:34 UTC  


2018-02-05 04:19:49 UTC  

section 8 housing is exploding and somalians are heading in to replace our lost youth

2018-02-05 04:22:32 UTC  

and out town thinks its a tourist destonation so it kills factory jobs to bring in tourism stuff that is hardly used or creats any jobs

2018-02-05 04:36:52 UTC  

nigga thats expensive

2018-02-05 04:37:13 UTC  

No joke a house like that's probably like $700 a month here

2018-02-05 04:37:30 UTC  

Well, mine's 4 bedroom with a garage and it's only $900

2018-02-05 04:37:45 UTC  

you can rent 2 bedroom+ houses from $500-700 here.

2018-02-05 04:38:09 UTC  

And I'm not even in a shit neigborhood or anything, it's a normal suburb type thing

2018-02-05 04:40:28 UTC  

Apartments up here like a 1 to 2 bedroom run from 1000 to 1400 unless its the straight bang bang ghetto

2018-02-05 04:43:44 UTC  

You losers just gotta move out to the midwest already

2018-02-05 04:45:25 UTC  

Ya I may in time I have a good roommate at the moment and goal is to pay my debts off this year

2018-02-05 04:46:17 UTC  

Boomers are proud of their junk here

2018-02-05 04:47:51 UTC  

I think the Dakota are Midwest lol

2018-02-05 04:49:00 UTC  

Technically, they are the West. Like cowboys n sheit