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Leadership, sure

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Honest discorse is much more productive than juvanile meme posting...our people need to be the new philosophers. Arm-chair revolutionary should take a new meaning in the digital age, but it has only regressed

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I'm sure there are more private areas where the practical stuff is being discussed. A semi-open discord isn't it

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What is a new philospher.

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Is this good optics boys?

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That Vanguard guy.

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Again, Manson's only crime was not getting Polanski, we would have wasted the Hollywood degenerates all the same.

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11/48 white greeting's

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Well, I gotta jump.

Forgive me if I said anything that offended anyone.

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No worries

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many worries

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I love the YT comments on RAC videos: "racial heil's from SRBIJA 11/44 komrdes"

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Being offensive is Bad Optics™ @John Mosby

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Good to see you again

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Gregor "grindr" Strasser firing Julius Streicher for being too crude and vulgar while Hitler was doing time is probably the first recorded instance of movement opticscuckoldry.

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y-you too

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Hitler was pro-bad optics

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tbh being white is bad optics

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Hitler probably didn't use stars and stripes either.

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What a larper.

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My fondest dream is that our bad optics get all the goodoptics cuckold arrested and sent to prison by association

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@Kombat-Unit have you read Der Nazi-Sozi?

2017-12-05 04:56:45 UTC  

Dr. Goebbels is quite explicit about their rejection of the German patriotic flags

2017-12-05 04:57:05 UTC  

I have, but Hitler makes precisely the same point several times in MK.

2017-12-05 04:57:46 UTC  

"It is noteworthy that the significance of these real political successes won by our nation in its struggles, enduring more than a thousand years, were far better understood and appreciated by our adversaries than by ourselves. Even today we still rave about a heroism which robbed our people of millions of its noblest blood-
bearers, but in its ultimate result remained totally finitless.

The distinction between the real political successes of our
people and the national blood spent for finitless aims is of the
greatest importance for our conduct in the present and the future.

**We National Socialists must never under any circumstances
join in the foul hurrah patriotism of our present bourgeois world. **
In particular it is mortally dangerous to regard the last pre- War
developments as binding even in the slightest degree for our own
course. From the whole historical development of the nineteenth
century, not a single obligation can be derived which was
grounded in this period itself In contrast to the conduct of the
representatives of this period, we must again profess the highest
aim of all foreign policy, to wit: to bring the soil into harmony
with the population Yes, from the past we can only learn that, in
setting an objective for our political activity, we must proceed in
two directions: Land and soil as the goal of ourforeign policy, and
a new philosophically established, uniform foundation as the aim
of political activity at home. "

Mein Kampf is really my Bible, there isn't a truth in the world that wasn't stated in it before.

2017-12-05 04:58:41 UTC  

"This was the reason why we National-Socialists could not consider raising the old flag as a symbolic expression of what we were working for. After all, we did not want to awaken the old-dead Empire, which was destroyed by its own faults. We wanted to build a new State.”

2017-12-05 05:30:09 UTC  

^this tbh