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2017-05-19 18:25:30 UTC  

If they have their own Continent, they will figure out a way to nig somehow

2017-05-19 18:26:33 UTC  

I'm convinced, if they all magically were there, they wouldn't need much of push to take care of themselves

2017-05-19 18:28:32 UTC  

Spengler & this book "rising tide of color" are certainly making me rethink this separation idea... for now we need to separate to survive, but long term? I think it's just natures law, one force will counter another, we can't all just get along in the immortal words of the negro scholar Rodney King

2017-05-19 18:29:19 UTC  

You all need to watch Addio Africa. They can't take care of themselves. They just need to be left to self-destruct.

2017-05-19 18:29:58 UTC  

They are like a pack of dogs with no alpha. They just run amok.

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Pretty much what they did before their kings sold them to anyone

2017-05-19 18:30:46 UTC  

Yes, that would be one way of dealing with them. I like clean breaks personally. Plus it would almost be more humane to just "deal with them" as opposed to watching them implode from a distance

2017-05-19 18:30:58 UTC  

Whoops was supposed to be a picture

2017-05-19 18:31:10 UTC  

Look at Liberia. After all. A country founded by freed slaves. The most dangerous place on earth for many years.

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And look at what they do to the animals & environment

2017-05-19 18:31:46 UTC  

I'm unsure how I feel about that

2017-05-19 18:31:59 UTC  

Those are my main concerns, fuck them

2017-05-19 18:32:05 UTC  

I have this African who works in my office, he is the dumbest piece of shit in the world

2017-05-19 18:33:04 UTC  

I have spent more than my fair share around the darker races, this comes from experience, not fear or some other Jewish psychobabble

2017-05-19 18:33:38 UTC  

Real world experience leads me to conclude that they are a danger to humanity

2017-05-19 18:34:12 UTC  

& The natural order. But with out the jews they would be a fly to a lion

2017-05-19 18:34:39 UTC  

The jew has mobilized these dark forces

2017-05-19 18:35:20 UTC  

It's true.

2017-05-19 18:36:33 UTC  

Are there outliers? Sure, of course, but you can not judge a group by a few outliers, you've got to judge them based on the mass, the mass is a dangerous pack

2017-05-19 18:37:20 UTC  

You can always find an exception with anything, I agree, not the issue

2017-05-19 18:37:56 UTC  

Doesn't mean they aren't a supremely destructive force

2017-05-19 18:38:10 UTC  

This is why I've taken to describing myself as an esoteric white supremacist. It's a spiritual inequality to me.

2017-05-19 18:38:34 UTC  

I'm still more for separatism. Having hurt folk before, don't think I have the stomach for ethnic cleansing xD

2017-05-19 18:38:59 UTC  

Don't worry, I'm sure we can find volunteers for the extermination squads

2017-05-19 18:39:32 UTC  

You're excused from duty ;)

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2017-05-19 18:39:59 UTC  

Hahaha xD

2017-05-19 18:40:13 UTC  

Well I mean, depending on what city XD

2017-05-19 18:41:20 UTC  

I look at it like a dangerous plague carried by fleas, sure some fleas bite won't kill but who has time to sort that out? We are neck deep in plague here folks

2017-05-19 18:41:53 UTC  

Nature doesn't respect "fair"

2017-05-19 18:42:34 UTC  

I'm not down for extermination duty, either. Still, Jews do not have the same souls as us. They are a failed creation: soulless creatures made of mud. Blacks are actual animals. Only those of us descended from Hyperboreans (aryans) have a divine spark.

2017-05-19 18:43:17 UTC  

Some how I end up always going extremist when I get on here... haha. Imagine if I drank.

2017-05-19 18:43:53 UTC  

@dd✳555 fully agreed

2017-05-19 18:44:49 UTC  

If you read the Nag Hammadi Codex and other gnostic scriptures removed from the Bible, add in some Vedic writings, and then read Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano--it becomes so clear there is no guilt in a pragmatic exercise of ethnic cleansing.

2017-05-19 18:44:58 UTC  

In my opinion.

2017-05-19 18:45:58 UTC  

Yeah I have to watch out when I drink as well, I go into full nigger hating mode when I drink too much and end up doing stupid shit

2017-05-19 18:46:28 UTC  

@dd✳555 haven't read half of that & am already there.

2017-05-19 18:48:01 UTC  

Part of me thinks I almost need to transition into some other activity than reading, like more work out, IRL meet ups, etc. Bc the reading can get me very black pilled, black pilled = burning rage, for me.