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```Hey, Flang P5 guy here, got a chance to fuck around with it a bit. It doesnt support m3u playlists at all, and rockbox is not an option. Also, bluetooth headsets dont stay connected if when you turn it off, and reconnecting is a pain in the ass. Its neat, but 20€ neat, not 70.```

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```Got my i10tws today. Pretty solid over all. Lows are lacking but i didnt expect much from this form factor. Never listened to the actual airpods but they are the same quality if not better than the regular pack in apple headphones (of the same type).```

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```It's been a long time coming, but I have two things to post. The first is this knockoff hakko FX-951. I loved the form factor of the actual ones we use at work, so I was hoping it would mimic that. I should have researched a bit more, it does not. The build quality is pretty shit, if you wanted a T12/T15 iron, I'd instead get one of those kits that are sold (but you'd need an iron to do that first, thinking emoji). The build quality is pretty bad, you'll have to clear some flash from some of the plastic parts. The tip gripper yellow handle thing snapped when I put the first tip in, so that was a bust. The holder also doesn't work how you would expect a holder to work. Luckily, a replacement genuine holder and genuine tip grabber thing (orange) solved the problems. I got a bunch of tips with it which is nice, they also included some shit solder and some decent tweezers (3 pair), as well as a desoldering pump. Overall, not bad but probably not worth it just for the FX-951 form factor in a knockoff. I printed a tip holder which is also nice.```

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```The next blurry picture I got in Hong Kong straight from a Xiaomi store when I was in HK on business. It's their Wiha screwdriver set, it's awesome. 10/10 would recommend. I picked up three when I was there and gave two away because it was a total of $120 HKD (like 15 bucks).```

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