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finally you understand

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Twp i mean?

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Champion of the worldview.

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Ok cool. Thx

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@Mr. Hughes you should read "A Squire's Trial." It's really short, and a good read. It might help explain where we're coming from

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will do

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There's an audiobook on YouTube if that's easier

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Hitler isn't the end all be all of National Socialism...people should be allowed to criticize the things he did, without being labeled a traitor.

Most of the diehard Hitlerites I know are new to the Movement, at least from what I have experienced...

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National Socialism IS Hitlerism.

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then we'll lose every war we fight

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if we are not allowed to learn from the mistakes of others

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Strategy and ideology are completely different things

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If the white race is made up of people like you then that's a good thing we lose and die off.

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Calm down my guy

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it's made up of people even worse lmao

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Don't come in here and insult TWP members. You are a guest in this discord.

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Don't insult the champions of national socialism.

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Hitler or Hell!

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So, completely different topic: what do stuff like "captain," "colonel" etc mean in the context of TWP?

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I like TWP as a whole but I think I can have gripes with individuals. TWP does amazing work.

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You can have disagreements, but not openly insult our members. Argue intelligently, or not at all.

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Barnacles can stick to the bottom of a boat but that does not make it a terrible boat.

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So, completely different topic: what do stuff like "captain," "colonel" etc mean in the context of TWP?

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How long have u been in the Movement?

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@John Mosby Then I'll refrain from making comments on members regardless of my opinion.

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I'm not in the movement.

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How long have u been NS, then?

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Define "the movement"

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Like I said national socialism is above the movement.

2017-11-08 04:22:22 UTC  

3 years.

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Though that's of calling myself one.

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Dude, your a fresh cut...learn more, before going full blown zealot.

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Based Russians

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So, completely different topic: what do stuff like "captain," "colonel" etc mean in the context of TWP? Like what does a captain in twp do? What is rank structure, etc? Or where can I find this out myself?

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@Vice Commander Hunt

Parrott posted the command structure on the TWP forum.