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2017-05-22 21:36:00 UTC  

"The threat against white world supremacy, the rising tide of color" by T. Lothrop Stoddard gives some really good insight into the Asian outlook. We are currently being colonized by them.

2017-05-22 21:36:34 UTC  

That will change.

2017-05-22 21:48:46 UTC  

Yellow jew niggers

2017-05-22 21:49:09 UTC  

The yellow plague

2017-05-22 21:49:17 UTC  

I lived in chinkland for a little I despise them all

2017-05-22 21:50:13 UTC  

Truly despicable

2017-05-22 21:50:58 UTC  

They do have a strong touch of the barbaric to them don't they.

2017-05-22 21:51:07 UTC

2017-05-22 21:54:51 UTC  

Asians are ant people. And dont have souls.

2017-05-22 21:55:11 UTC  

No argument

2017-05-22 21:55:58 UTC  

I travel to Asia fairly often. They're gross.

2017-05-22 21:56:31 UTC  

They eat dogs and worms, and they smell bad.

2017-05-22 21:57:01 UTC  

Can't help but recall what Savitri said, you can judge a people/race based on their treatment in general of the lesser species.

2017-05-22 21:57:43 UTC  

White people are the only humans then

2017-05-22 21:58:29 UTC  

You arrived at the destination I was subtly trying to lead you towards with that quote. Your GPS is spot on.

2017-05-22 21:59:18 UTC  

GPS? Lol everyone knows the world is flat cmon its 2017

2017-05-22 21:59:41 UTC  

The globe theory was invented by freemasons lol

2017-05-22 22:16:41 UTC  

Flat earth memes scare people off i guess haha

2017-05-22 22:26:59 UTC  

God dammit

2017-05-22 22:28:03 UTC  


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2017-05-22 22:28:44 UTC  

Aw having a shitty fucking week

2017-05-22 22:29:39 UTC  

odin's week is about to be a lot worse. since he wanted to run his mouth woithout a lawyer

2017-05-22 22:30:57 UTC  

Yeah that's really dumb

2017-05-22 22:31:05 UTC  

Gota keep that mouth shut

2017-05-22 22:31:45 UTC  

maybe not do stupid shit like that either

2017-05-22 22:31:57 UTC  

then you wouldn't have to worry about your mouth

2017-05-22 22:32:15 UTC  

if he had just told the muslim to fuck off like he should have

2017-05-22 22:32:44 UTC  


2017-05-22 22:33:38 UTC  

Muslim shit goes without saying, I'll never get that

2017-05-22 22:35:01 UTC  

putting shitty feelings ahead of common sense. definitely a lesson for all of us. too bad we had to lose two people to learn it.

2017-05-22 22:35:19 UTC  

For sure

2017-05-22 22:51:43 UTC  

Well fuck.

2017-05-22 22:51:54 UTC  

Bye bye Atom Waffen

2017-05-22 22:58:29 UTC  

Goddammit 😣

2017-05-22 22:59:57 UTC  
2017-05-22 23:00:11 UTC  

i would pin that to the channel

2017-05-22 23:00:22 UTC  

we'll all need it soon

2017-05-22 23:00:23 UTC  

Do it!

2017-05-22 23:00:43 UTC