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2017-02-11 14:18:39 UTC  

haha yea it does

2017-02-11 15:11:28 UTC  

lol ye

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2017-02-11 16:36:30 UTC  
2017-02-11 16:39:18 UTC  

its been a week and gearbest never shiped my shit

2017-02-11 16:39:21 UTC  


2017-02-11 17:15:32 UTC  

@Windatica would there be any way to include parts of this in your infographic? It's really interesting

2017-02-11 17:18:36 UTC  

spinfit is already in there

2017-02-11 17:19:40 UTC  

No I mean a link to the guide or something

2017-02-11 17:19:59 UTC  

Because it compares the acoustic and fit properties of foam vs spinfit

2017-02-11 17:40:23 UTC  

Fucking Clive.

2017-02-11 17:40:28 UTC  

Patron Saint of Chink Shit.

2017-02-11 18:01:37 UTC  

Oh yes

2017-02-11 18:11:22 UTC  

Got my Piston 3 and Hybrids in the mail

2017-02-11 18:11:24 UTC  

100k mAh ezpz.

2017-02-11 18:11:24 UTC  

oh boy

2017-02-11 18:11:46 UTC  

I actually considered buying one of those power banks until he checked the temps during load.

2017-02-11 18:11:47 UTC  

Holy shit.

2017-02-11 18:40:21 UTC  

those solar powerbanks are all shit

2017-02-11 18:40:44 UTC  

@KawlunDram Piston 3? Youth? Or from the Gearbest restock?

2017-02-11 18:44:27 UTC  

@Tribit Sure sure, he did say the solar panel was just a gimmick.

2017-02-11 18:44:37 UTC  

But the rest was nice.

2017-02-11 18:44:50 UTC  

Until, as mentioned, he measured the temps. Hot damn.

2017-02-11 18:44:51 UTC  


2017-02-11 18:58:48 UTC  
2017-02-11 19:02:58 UTC  

@KawlunDram yup that's the Piston 3 alright

2017-02-11 19:11:10 UTC  

Seems like the Hybrids are the better pair

2017-02-11 19:12:03 UTC  

Would make sense but between the two it has better bass and seems better at picking up certain channels

2017-02-11 19:35:11 UTC  

I don't get why people buy these crappy little solar panel battery things

2017-02-11 19:35:27 UTC  

even in direct sunlight, it would still take like 12 or more hours to recharge any decent size battery

2017-02-11 19:35:38 UTC  

nothing of that size can put out anything worthwhile

2017-02-11 19:47:40 UTC  

that's some good shit

2017-02-11 19:48:08 UTC  

i feel as though i'm gonna steal your idea and make one of those videos mostly as an excuse to peel all of the stickers off of my laptop

2017-02-11 19:48:31 UTC