Message from Princess Toshi in Bread Club #general-n-memes

2020-01-30 18:25:48 UTC  

Cuz everyone is cute and valid

2020-01-30 20:08:56 UTC  

in my country we call disabled people invalid @chain

2020-01-30 20:10:46 UTC  


2020-01-30 20:11:01 UTC  

I think in German it also applies

2020-01-30 20:15:44 UTC  

thats new

2020-01-30 20:45:42 UTC  

@Buelli Invalide?

2020-01-30 20:46:09 UTC  

no way

2020-01-30 20:46:18 UTC  

ive never heard someone use that

2020-01-30 20:46:24 UTC  

its always behinderte

2020-01-30 20:56:27 UTC  

I thought I'd be attractive as a girl but here we are 😩

2020-01-30 21:05:48 UTC  

You are attractive as a girl

2020-01-30 21:05:54 UTC  

I wanna cuddle you

2020-01-30 21:12:31 UTC  

Goodnyaght everynyan! I want a weighted blanket. I will try to do some stuff like... drawing something... and squats idk. Commissioned some art, I am happy with the results though it is lewd. I got rid of a lesser uni problem today, still have more majors tho.

2020-01-30 21:13:55 UTC  

@chaizu i hope you are happy and if you arent that you will be happy soon

2020-01-30 21:17:27 UTC  

I'm very happy actually just have low self esteem

2020-01-30 21:20:17 UTC  


2020-01-30 21:26:53 UTC  

Stop giving artists money

2020-01-30 21:26:57 UTC  

And give it to me instead

2020-01-30 21:28:29 UTC  

nah, give it to me

2020-01-30 21:28:40 UTC  

Will you send nudes if I do? @Methode

2020-01-30 21:28:56 UTC  

I'll grow it by at least 2.5% every month

2020-01-30 21:29:05 UTC  

@Princess Toshi will you take me and enslave me ?

2020-01-30 21:29:35 UTC  

yeah, you can be my maid and do chores around the house for me during market hours

2020-01-30 21:32:54 UTC  


2020-01-30 21:37:24 UTC  

Idk you were into femdom

2020-01-30 21:37:28 UTC  
2020-01-30 21:48:03 UTC  

@Methode I don't think I am, it would just be useful to have someone to give me their labour for free

2020-01-31 00:13:47 UTC  

I love talking with other gays about boys

2020-01-31 02:49:32 UTC  

Ha gay

2020-01-31 02:50:55 UTC  


2020-01-31 05:37:58 UTC  


2020-01-31 07:42:15 UTC  

I want a cute gf to cuddle and love

2020-01-31 07:42:53 UTC  

And I want her to have the libido of a rock

2020-01-31 08:08:36 UTC  

A rock?

2020-01-31 08:11:02 UTC  

Yeah non existent

2020-01-31 08:33:33 UTC  

Wtf why

2020-01-31 08:55:35 UTC  

Good mornyan everynyan! Reintroduce national service. Celtic swords have a very nice look to them, look very fantasy because of the leaf shape. I despise how prolific advertising is.

2020-01-31 17:07:18 UTC  

@Methode that way my horniness stays in check

2020-01-31 17:08:52 UTC  

Plenty of trans girls loose like the desire for sex

2020-01-31 17:08:58 UTC  

After hrt