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I think NF will be the Movement 3 years from now...the rest (aside from the Alt-Lite cucks) will just be little 5 man crews.

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I got a PM from a guy in another group who can't technically march with TWP but he and like 8 others are wanting to come to Shelbyville anyways, albeit independantly and lo-key

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That's a good start.

2017-10-16 04:13:16 UTC  

actually, I think he's gonna message you

2017-10-16 04:13:31 UTC  

He's not sure what the deal is as far as coordination is concerned so I told him to add you on here

2017-10-16 04:14:28 UTC  

Ya, I think he already messaged me.

I'll have to talk to my bro in LS, to get all the info he is needing.

2017-10-16 04:19:55 UTC  

Trying to get a headcount (for food and gear) for the training session in Knoxville next weekend.

Is anyone on here coming down for it?

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Excellent article, C.

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Anyone getting HTTP 500 errors on Fash Emporium?

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Front page works fine, but when I go to My Account or the members only part it won't load

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tried both open web and Tor

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I just officially signed up, too

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: 3 those goggles look snazzy. Really learned to appreciate helmets with visors during the last demo.

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Looks like the site is back now. Isn't there some kind of members only forum thing? Or was that still under construction

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It should be done very soon or is done and is being rolled out soon

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Ok, wasn't sure if there was something else that

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That I should have been able to see

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Hey babe, wana come lay down with me?

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Whose bed?

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Serrano ⚡⚡

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This is for anyone attending the training session, in Knoxville, this weekend; if you have any of these items, please bring them:

Shields, boxing gloves/wraps/mouth guards, sleeping bag and/or blow up mattress, and (so long as you can legally do so) feel free to bring guns and ammo.

2017-10-16 19:46:37 UTC  

I'm working toward making it to Tennessee so I can do a little piping on the weekend of October 28th.

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@everyone Who should I direct an Alabama recruit to?

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Major Williams, those are great pics

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I liked the Stormfront 7.0 article too. Hail Victory

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Here are a couple "digital libraries" I made at work, about 5 or 6 years ago.

For anyone that is interested...

Also, here is an Orthodox blog site I made, from several years ago, too:

2017-10-16 22:24:19 UTC  

Also, national news picked this up several weeks ago...If you type in "white nationalist" into the google news search engine, it is still on the first page of the search:

(Just trying to keep y'all updated on what we have been into out here, for the past couple months, since I just now got into this group).

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Dudes... 😢