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2016-11-29 21:22:58 UTC  

its not that disgraceful to burn fucking leaves tbh

2016-11-29 21:23:06 UTC  

so I bet he has an interesting take on the matter

2016-11-29 21:23:16 UTC  

Leaf burning is banned

2016-11-29 21:23:39 UTC  

it is?

2016-11-29 21:24:40 UTC  

it is

2016-11-29 21:24:43 UTC  

it's a bylaw

2016-11-29 21:26:35 UTC  

anyway foster

2016-11-29 21:26:41 UTC  

should flag burning be banned

2016-11-29 21:26:57 UTC  

should flags with leaves have a protected status along the lines of the leaves they represent?

2016-11-29 21:32:54 UTC  

flag burning shou ldd be punishable by DEATh 😈

2016-11-29 21:35:11 UTC  
2016-11-29 21:35:15 UTC  

thats a real devilish emoji zealot

2016-11-29 21:35:20 UTC  

"As the leader of Sweden, the world's first feminist government"

2016-11-29 21:36:27 UTC  

nah flag burning is w/e who cares lmao

2016-11-29 21:39:42 UTC  

Social Justice has gone too far

2016-11-29 21:39:47 UTC  

you better not quote the Greeks

2016-11-29 21:39:51 UTC  

>Should flag burning be illegal

2016-11-29 21:39:52 UTC  

Fucking no man

2016-11-29 21:39:52 UTC  

you fucking racist athenian

2016-11-29 21:41:21 UTC  

Trying to police the use of language like that is something only the french would do

2016-11-29 21:41:24 UTC  

the french and idiots

2016-11-29 21:43:17 UTC  

always reminds me of what Orwell said

2016-11-29 21:43:25 UTC  

'In our time it is broadly true that political writing is bad writing.'

2016-11-29 21:43:55 UTC  

then again I think Orwell would have probably considered that particular saying vulgar but for other reasons

2016-11-29 21:44:50 UTC  

It's not a spade, it's a shovel

2016-11-29 21:45:02 UTC  

So that's the ace of shovles, get it right!

2016-11-29 21:46:06 UTC  

the first bit isn't particularly important though

2016-11-29 22:02:46 UTC  

I think flag burning shouldn't be illegal, because burning a flag is a massive statment that sometimes needs to be made

2016-11-29 22:03:19 UTC  

What I think is pussy ass bitches need to stop burning the flag as soon as something slightly wrong goes against their ways

2016-11-29 22:03:33 UTC  

Their diluting the meaning with their inane endless whining

2016-11-29 22:06:20 UTC  

oh my god

2016-11-29 22:06:21 UTC  

he did it

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2016-11-29 22:10:01 UTC  

@Royal join the dark side

2016-11-29 22:11:31 UTC  

no thanks

2016-11-29 22:11:36 UTC  

hes rolling back on electoral reform