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2017-03-26 08:58:39 UTC  

so how much of a scam is ali's anniversary going to be

2017-03-26 09:01:45 UTC  

@Maxumym somewhat, there are some actual deals in there though

2017-03-26 09:22:34 UTC  


2017-03-26 09:23:13 UTC  

is this a scam

2017-03-26 09:23:20 UTC  

because thats a lot of money off

2017-03-26 09:24:34 UTC  

sad frog stickers will be £0.12

2017-03-26 09:25:01 UTC  

would be better than the homtom

2017-03-26 09:25:24 UTC  

wew lad 10 bucks more

2017-03-26 09:27:31 UTC  

better specs and camera, near stock android

2017-03-26 09:27:49 UTC  

only pre-installed app on it is Uber

2017-03-26 09:30:05 UTC  

ask your mom then

2017-03-26 09:30:35 UTC  

anyone bought a SNES controller from ali? I am looking at "data frog" atm

2017-03-26 09:30:50 UTC  

8bitdo has some good ones

2017-03-26 09:31:54 UTC  

its only for rpi emulation and i need two, so dont wanna spend big money

2017-03-26 09:32:09 UTC  

8bitdo looks really good but is much more expensive

2017-03-26 09:33:38 UTC  

@JHWH you should just buy an original one and wire it up yourself tbh

2017-03-26 09:35:43 UTC "not the best, but works fine" from one of the reviews in the archives

2017-03-26 09:36:10 UTC  


2017-03-26 09:37:17 UTC  

@Tribit thanks I always forget the archive when looking for stuff myself

2017-03-26 09:37:45 UTC  

@JHWH "The plastic feels like the plastic they use on those 500+games in a controller.It also feels hollow and is a bit thicker than an original controller. it is still a great controller though. Have been playing some Donkey Kong Kountry II with no hiccups at all. Pretty solid B- from me. Will make a video review when I have time so stay tuned for that."

2017-03-26 10:09:32 UTC  

@Tribit Those controllers are EXTREMELY chinky.

2017-03-26 10:09:44 UTC  

It's worth paying a bit extra and getting a Buffalo controller.

2017-03-26 10:12:27 UTC  

@JHWH Check those Buffalo controllers out if you want something that feels actually legit. The Ali controllers are stiff and feel extremely cheap.

2017-03-26 10:14:09 UTC  

thanks, on it

2017-03-26 11:24:30 UTC  

@(import (srfi 151)) u want one that says its temp

2017-03-26 11:25:37 UTC  

cuz when u start fuckin with stranded wire ull scorch the strands and make it brittle

2017-03-26 11:56:15 UTC  

okay help

2017-03-26 11:56:24 UTC  

has anyone here bought a graphics tablet?

2017-03-26 11:56:38 UTC  

I've seen two different dirt cheap models

2017-03-26 11:56:58 UTC  


2017-03-26 11:57:15 UTC  

yes huion 420 and some other G430

2017-03-26 11:57:34 UTC  

@Millie ask @Ooz he has a Huion and has drawn a couple of /csg/ OP pics

2017-03-26 11:57:54 UTC  

xp pen G430

2017-03-26 11:57:59 UTC