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2017-02-03 05:24:14 UTC  

twitter is already retarded, if I'm forced to sit through antifa bullshit I'll an hero

2017-02-03 05:24:24 UTC  

for anyone doing finiltration

2017-02-03 05:24:26 UTC They talk like fags in my area. Mostly woe is me bs about how they get cheated on in relationships. No lie antifa literal cucks.

2017-02-03 05:24:33 UTC  

don't make yourself obvious

2017-02-03 05:25:08 UTC  

@DoctorPiss I am a FoF on faceberg. I can access much of his info

2017-02-03 05:25:12 UTC  

if you actively post you can get into all the rooms

2017-02-03 05:25:13 UTC  

also follow a bunch of irony Twitter guys so you get their sense of humor

2017-02-03 05:25:20 UTC  

they mostly sperg out but it's good for getting tabs

2017-02-03 05:25:28 UTC  

I want to set up one in NY. It's too cucked over here. They limit free speech and don't accept results

2017-02-03 05:25:29 UTC  

Hey guys i think the sjw's are right, so how about we just give up and suck each others dicks

2017-02-03 05:25:29 UTC  

thank god i dont have to encounter these things in person, why are ruralfags so based?

2017-02-03 05:25:49 UTC  

who here is a cute boi

2017-02-03 05:26:00 UTC  

not me

2017-02-03 05:26:04 UTC  

^getting cancerous

2017-02-03 05:26:08 UTC  

im not cute

2017-02-03 05:26:18 UTC  

@FatNiggerPussy I already am brah ;) We alt right, tranny's aren't gay

2017-02-03 05:26:37 UTC  

Richard Spencer is cute I wish he wasnt so fucking fat

2017-02-03 05:26:47 UTC  

@everyone Do not share personally identifying information here. Do not post photos here, unless your identity is obscured. The kikes *are* all around you. If they can move on you, they will. You have already displayed that you are willing to resist. That you are willing to *exist*. Only share information on plots in person. Take the most extreme precautions you can imagine. OPSEC, COMSEC. This is important. Avoid petty targets. Avoid suspicious characters. Do not talk about what you're going to do here or anywhere online. And most importantly ***THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST INDIVIDUALS OF COLOR OR OF LEFT LEANING POSITIONS I LOVE PUPPIES AND RAINBOWS AND BBC PLEASE DON'T V& ME I DON'T WANNA MEET JAMAL - I MEAN I DO WANNA MEET JAMAL PLEASE PUNISH ME DADDY***

2017-02-03 05:27:01 UTC  

what he said

2017-02-03 05:27:09 UTC  

"individuals of color"

2017-02-03 05:27:09 UTC  


2017-02-03 05:27:11 UTC  

just call em niggers

2017-02-03 05:27:13 UTC  


2017-02-03 05:27:43 UTC  

Now back to the satire

2017-02-03 05:27:44 UTC  

@Brad I'm pretty good looking tbh. I get hit on by gays and black chicks a good amount.

2017-02-03 05:27:50 UTC  


2017-02-03 05:27:52 UTC  

I'm actually a leftist hiding behind 12 layers of online irony rn

2017-02-03 05:27:54 UTC  


2017-02-03 05:27:56 UTC  

fuck fuck fuck

2017-02-03 05:27:57 UTC  

wrong window

2017-02-03 05:28:07 UTC  

im sorry bro i was pasting into my dox team

2017-02-03 05:28:09 UTC  

Tee I wish u were a gayboi damn

2017-02-03 05:28:14 UTC  

>dox team

2017-02-03 05:28:18 UTC  

That's pizza, isn't it?

2017-02-03 05:28:31 UTC  

Me and my negro pals gonna go down to the river and sip a gallon of gasoline

2017-02-03 05:28:38 UTC  

I know you're one sick puppy.

2017-02-03 05:28:40 UTC  

cancer not permitted within the boundaries of this honeypot thank u

2017-02-03 05:29:08 UTC  

anybody catch the latest issue of Jacobin

2017-02-03 05:29:09 UTC  

***Also, if you display homosexual tendancies you are a deranged individual who is too weak to change through will. You must correct this.***

2017-02-03 05:29:19 UTC  

@Brad Well if you're ever in Socal, I'll introduce you to some gay friends

2017-02-03 05:29:40 UTC  

>gays being gay