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2017-08-15 21:03:48 UTC  

Tear down some statue yourself.

2017-08-15 21:03:59 UTC  

It's apparently totally fine now.

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2017-08-15 21:06:02 UTC  

There is a Lennon statue in Burlington VT

2017-08-15 21:06:35 UTC  

There's a Lenin in Seattle.

2017-08-15 21:06:39 UTC  

For some unimaginable reason.

2017-08-15 21:07:14 UTC  

Some British heroes destroyed Mandela statue with sledgehammers.

2017-08-15 21:08:43 UTC  


2017-08-15 21:10:00 UTC  

Lenincaust caused so much butthurt in Russian officials

2017-08-15 21:12:50 UTC  

The polish and the Ukrainians tore down all Russian statues

2017-08-15 21:13:22 UTC  

Jews and Russians were mad as fuck.

2017-08-15 21:15:04 UTC  

Almost exactly ten years ago in neighboring Estonia they *moved* a statue of Red Army soldier, and Russians rioted so much they had to arrest over a thousand people.

2017-08-15 21:21:11 UTC  

Dear lord. Will (((Kike Bolshevism))) ever end?

2017-08-15 21:22:55 UTC  

Well it's really the same thing with Russians and Americans. "Our grandfathers fought fascism and racism, they did not stand for this" and it's really easy to rile up retarded patriotards.

2017-08-15 21:27:33 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit I don't know how, My great Grandfather drove a half track in WWII and actually got to fight. I have all his papers and souvenirs the government gave him , Everytime I look at them I feel pissed off. He didn't know what he was fighting for, And I am almost positive most of those WWII G.I's didn't like faggots and other subhumans.

2017-08-15 21:28:24 UTC

2017-08-15 21:28:53 UTC  

For sure, most of them would be called "Nazis" today

2017-08-15 21:29:58 UTC  

(The quote is obviously talking about something else, but the principle applies)

2017-08-15 21:30:51 UTC  

That's really irrelevant, Russian veterans fought with machine guns pointed at their back. Even US army was segregated so it clearly wasn't fighting for any of that kumbayah shit but was fooled by the kike rulers. But in Russia Putin can utilize the "Punch a nazi for our veterans" sentiment for his own uses by framing political enemies (Baltics, Ukraine, etc) as nazis, while in USA Trump is unable to do that since people saying that are either full blown communists or oathcucks.

2017-08-15 21:31:34 UTC  

But the cuckservatives and GOP snakes are more than happy to peddle that sentiment.

2017-08-15 21:32:44 UTC  

Took maybe split second after Cville before for the denouncements and muh veterans muh nazis muh equality bullshit start spewing from the conservatives.

2017-08-15 21:37:00 UTC  

Yeah, most sane people won't actually white-knight for Antifa but plenty of them will condemn "hatred on both sides," which is actually worse IMO

2017-08-15 21:37:51 UTC  

muh horseshoe theory, fascists and antifascists are exactly the same

2017-08-15 21:39:29 UTC  

The Eternal Centrist strikes again

2017-08-15 21:39:39 UTC  

@dzi Same goes for my Grandfather.

2017-08-15 21:39:50 UTC  

*(((Centrism Intensifies)))*

2017-08-15 21:40:16 UTC  

(((Extremism is bad, goy!)))

2017-08-15 21:40:22 UTC  

How is not having a drug dealer and not fucking a mentally retarded whore bad ...

2017-08-15 21:40:56 UTC  

It's pure FASCISM

2017-08-15 21:41:20 UTC  

And your point is ... we are National Socialists ...

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2017-08-15 21:41:29 UTC  

"(((OY VEY!)))"

2017-08-15 21:41:35 UTC  

Because all my grandparents fought for nazis and their parents killed Red Guards, this means I am pretty much morally obliged to be a nazi.

2017-08-15 21:42:04 UTC  

Hitler did nothing wrong so ...

2017-08-15 21:42:07 UTC  

I learned the truth about WWII.

2017-08-15 21:42:24 UTC  

Goddamn (((Kike-DR)))! 👿

2017-08-15 21:42:27 UTC