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2017-11-22 00:29:33 UTC  

Do you have a link?

2017-11-22 00:29:43 UTC  

Yeah I think we have some sort of drafted version already.

2017-11-22 00:29:58 UTC  

Fascists and NS in Europe : Let each European Nation each have it's own respective Party.

Facists and NS in "America": Let's have fifty of each for some reason

2017-11-22 00:30:11 UTC  

I volunteer to be the guy in the background you hear going above everyone else to harmonize lol.

2017-11-22 00:30:24 UTC  

@John Mosby That’s really sad that they’re going to destroy it

2017-11-22 00:31:02 UTC  

I heard talks of either destruction or a museum.

2017-11-22 00:32:55 UTC  

^ this version is not so good, which means it probably wasn't popular

2017-11-22 00:32:59 UTC  

never the less, it still existed

2017-11-22 00:33:00 UTC  

One of my favorite marches tbh:

2017-11-22 00:33:38 UTC  

The Camisas Azules, or Blueshirts, were the Falange's paramilitary

2017-11-22 00:33:57 UTC  

the color was chosen because many of them were mechanics

2017-11-22 00:34:07 UTC  

Didn't Ireland have a blueshirts grou

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Ironic, the irish should of been GreenShirts lol

2017-11-22 00:34:48 UTC  

We should do a Black and Tans TWP specific version. Paddy did one for Cville but it would be funny to have one for us.

2017-11-22 00:36:21 UTC  

It would be cool if TWP got a marching band with fanfares and all that

2017-11-22 00:36:35 UTC  

Just found a version made by the Movimiento Nacionalsocialista de México

2017-11-22 00:36:40 UTC  

We would need musicians lol.

2017-11-22 00:36:54 UTC  

Rn nigga

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Right here*

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I got trumpet lol

2017-11-22 00:37:09 UTC  

I'm a veteran chorist, I volunteer to lead our choir if we ever have one

2017-11-22 00:37:23 UTC  

I got written up once for having the White Pride symbol for my lock screen lol

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Are you in high school?

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YUS, Still the youngest

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What are you

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You are the 2 youngest in the discord.

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Manson: The best optics