Message from John Mosby in tradworker #tradworker

2017-11-02 03:27:37 UTC  

Which one of you is miranda newsome

2017-11-02 03:27:51 UTC  


2017-11-02 03:27:58 UTC  

I shut the bitch boy down.

2017-11-02 03:28:09 UTC  

He is messaging me since he doesnt want to get smeared in public.

2017-11-02 03:28:17 UTC  

He is saying i am "lol triggered"

2017-11-02 03:28:30 UTC  

Oh is that your gf

2017-11-02 03:28:40 UTC  

Yeah, i am banned.

2017-11-02 03:28:47 UTC  

Make sure to take caps of the conversation and post them in the comments

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2017-11-02 03:28:51 UTC  

Damn go for the younger ones huh

2017-11-02 03:28:57 UTC  

Good work.

2017-11-02 03:29:09 UTC  

Also dont get your gf doxxed fam

2017-11-02 03:30:05 UTC  

Its fine, he is now refusing to argue with me on chat.

2017-11-02 03:30:21 UTC  

Anglin cant fucking argue, his whole thing is triggering the left, he cannot debate.

2017-11-02 03:31:25 UTC  

Sooooo, who here has been gathering clothes for the TWP winter drive, occurring in the next month?

What are people's thoughts on our target audience for said drive?

2017-11-02 03:31:40 UTC  

I know I have some clothes put together for it.

2017-11-02 03:31:53 UTC  

Winter clothing would be good

2017-11-02 03:32:18 UTC  

We are donating clothes to people in the name of TWP?

2017-11-02 03:32:24 UTC  

I can get behind that/

2017-11-02 03:32:54 UTC  


2017-11-02 03:33:04 UTC  

I have about 10 bags of clothing.

I am thinking about bringing a bunch of books, as well.

We have a bookstore here that gives away free books.

We gather all the good ones to give to our Folk, and take all the degenerate ones and do book burnings with them.

2017-11-02 03:34:26 UTC  

Good idea.

2017-11-02 03:34:33 UTC  

book burnings are bad optics

2017-11-02 03:34:35 UTC  

From what the Commander of KY's region says, the clothing will be gathered throughout y'alls region and ours. From what I understand, we will be targeting a specific area with all of the donations, gathered throughout the regions.

2017-11-02 03:34:39 UTC  

People generally don't like bad canned foods

2017-11-02 03:34:46 UTC  

So if you got some GOOD canned soups

2017-11-02 03:35:39 UTC  

There are acutally a lot of places that will give away their excess foods...Traders Joes, for instance, does it.

TWP members are starting a 501c3 to aid us in these endeavours.

2017-11-02 03:38:02 UTC  

As far as I know, I think this year's drive will just consist of: clothing, toys, and books.

I think food will come later, once we make enough contacts with places that give away free food to charitable orgs.

2017-11-02 03:38:48 UTC  

Alright, yeah so I guess go through your stuff. See what stuff you don't need and pile it all up.

2017-11-02 03:39:43 UTC  

All TWP guys need to start looking through their closets, and excess kid's belongings, to see what we can all donate. The drive is in the end of Nov, to my understanding.

2017-11-02 03:42:32 UTC  

I think Heimbach hit the nail on the head, at the Ocoee meeting, when he said that the Movement can't even operate nationally on a small church level, i.e. building the infrastructure it takes to win over communities.

2017-11-02 03:43:43 UTC  

There exists somewhere video of me dancing to hardbass at the rally

2017-11-02 03:44:03 UTC  

TWP needs one of these:

They bought the place for only 19,000, with government grants.

In only a short 3 years, it has become the epicenter of Leftist organizing.

2017-11-02 03:45:46 UTC  

Commies have been using community houses and bookstores with such efficiency that they have become the hubs of communism in America.

Just look at Corneliu Codreanu's vision of the "Green House", it is the exact same concept, yet the Right refuses to partake in his proven strategy, that the Left is even smart enough to utilize.

2017-11-02 03:50:13 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦

Who is making subsections in the forum?

We should have a think tank section, for actual planning.

2017-11-02 03:50:22 UTC  

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) I am on a 30 day ban. I can't message that chick.

2017-11-02 03:50:57 UTC  

Ok, can i invite her?

2017-11-02 03:51:07 UTC  

How does vetting work?

2017-11-02 03:51:18 UTC  

Welcome mat?

2017-11-02 03:51:34 UTC  

Idk, i am a new member of TWP.

2017-11-02 03:54:23 UTC  

Tfw Anglin says we need to be more like GD, and Heimbach has personally met with GD.